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The Tibetan market in the city of Udaipur is not a permanent market but it functions busily for a period of three months during the winter season. The Tibetan market is held in the city palace grounds just next to the Samor Bagh restaurant. The Tibetan market is comparatively a huge market and the main feature of the market is clothing stores and stalls run by the expatriates of Tibet. We get a very nice feeling to walk around the market and also to an extent study the nature of the Tibetan's culture and tradition.

Tibetan Market Udaipur Shopping Area But in the Tibetan bazaar unlike other markets we cannot bargain for they follow it as a strict rule and there are also sign boards which are mentioned here and there in the market. It is very common that the city of Udaipur in Rajasthan welcomes a lot of tourist both from the national and international level during the winter season. This has become more like a religious tradition. But the unknown factors is that apart from these tourists Udaipur and its natives also is another group of people from a specific community and in fact nationality into the state following their own tradition and install shops in the form of a large woolen clothes market at Samor Bagh, a historical venue between Gulab Bagh and the royal palace, 'Ravala'.

This woolen cloth bazaar at Samor Bagh has become more of a seasonal trade and is a major part of the winter shopping for both natives of Udaipur and also the tourists visiting this place. Once the Tibetan market commences it is always crowded with people from different strata of the city who purchase woolen clothing and woolen accessories from this market. Thus the sellers are the Tibetans and the market is the Tibetan market. This has now become more like a cycle where they come during the winter set up their shops, sell their products and go back. The Tibetan market is been happening in Udaipur right from 1961.

People of the Tibetan Market Sell Woolen Products:

Indian Handicrafts Near Tibetan Market Udaipur These people are predominantly refugees living in the Indian borders and in the mountainous area of Himachal Pradesh who come into the country to sell their products. There are also few of these people living in Delhi and the nearby areas. The people of the Tibetan market sell woolen products in winter whereas during the rest of the year they get themselves into handicraft manufacturing and carpet weaving. They keep themselves occupied through the year and earn whatever is possible for them. Initially till 1979 the venue for the Tibetan market was outside the campus of Asoka and Picture Palace talkies. Then during 1980 the Tibetan market was shifted to Chetak Circle and Town Hall link road.

Stalls of the Tibetan Market Formed a Group in 2006:

Carpet Shopping in Tibetan Market Udaipur Thus the administration committee of Udaipur allowed the market to be held only in certain specific areas within the boundaries of Town Hall. After 1990 the Tibetan market was successfully shifted to Samor Bagh, where they have been comfortably operating for the last 25 years. This has been the longest in any one place. To bring more professionalism in their business the owners of the stalls of the Tibetan market formed a group in 2006 known as the 'Tibetan Refugee Trader's Association' which is headquartered in Delhi. In fact after the establishment of this association the business is happening or promoted in a more regular and controlled way.

. In fact any issues or any other problems related to the market is been dealt by the 'Tibetan Refugee Trader's Association'. The Association manages various small sub-groups of merchants who not only come to Udaipur, but many smaller cities of India as well, to sell woolen clothes in winter and do other trades. These people are also at times helped by the Indian Government at times and in return they pay tax to the Government of India. This Tibetan market has lot of potential buyers who come here mainly to buy woolen and normal clothes. During the winter season the Tibetan market can see lot of shoppers coming here mainly to buy warm woolen clothes. The winter shopping in the Tibetan market mainly involves exclusive woolen clothes like jackets, gloves and sweaters etc., for which this famous place is known for.

Tibetan Market is Renowned for Antique Items:

Vegetable Market Near Tibetan Market Udaipur Not only the locals of Udaipur come here to buy the woolen clothes but also the tourists visiting Udaipur without fail visit the Tibetan market for winter shopping. The Tibetan market is renowned for antique items and people from different parts of Udaipur come to buy such products. The main antique which is of major interest to the crowd coming to the Tibetan market are the wooden lamps and the different types of miniatures especially Buddhist tangkhas. Apart from the regular scarves which are sold, this market is also known for its designer scarves. Lot of souvenirs can be carried from the Tibetan market as gifts for the loved ones and friends and family members. Jewellery boxes are the most common among souvenirs. The Tibetan market provides lot of scope for buying variety of quality products.