Prerequisite for Visa

Foreigners keen of visiting India can do so after acquiring visa from the Indian Mission in their country of their dwelling. They should have power over a valid National Passport - except in the case of nationals of Bhutan and Nepal, who may carry only appropriate means of identification.

Collective Visas:

The skill also exists for the matter of collective visas to cluster tours consisting of not less than four members and subsidized by a travel agency accredited by the Government of India. Such groups may gash into smaller groups for visiting sundry places in India after attaining a collective "license to travel" from the immigration establishment in India. On the other hand, they must mend and depart as the unique group.

Tourist Visas:

Frequently, a multi-entry visa, valid for a period of 180 days, is arranged for the intention of tourism. The visa is legitimate from the date of issue.

Transit Visa:

Transit visas are established by Indian Missions abroad for a highest period of 15 days.

Exemption from Registration:

Foreigners approaching to India on tourist visas for 180 days or shorter period are not requisite to schedule themselves with any authority in India. They can travel about freely in the country, except to constrained/confined areas and prohibited places. Nationals of Bangladesh are accepted from registration up to six months. If their hang about go beyond six months, they have to roll themselves. Individuals devoid of nationality (stateless persons; IRO refugees, persons in receipt of legal or political protection.) should have legitimate passports, self documents or sworn official declaration along with the visa for which they should apply two months in progress. Folk’s passports concerned by other governments are acknowledged without bigotry.

Landing Permit Facility:

Visitors may note that No Landing Permit Facility is accessible to any foreign tourist halfway without a visa. A partial facility exists only for group tours consisting of four or more members and guaranteed by a travel agency renowned by the Government of India.

Children of foreigners of Indian origin less than the age of 12 may be granted a landing consent by the immigration authorities up to an era of 90 days to see their relatives, in case they ensue to come without a visa.

Tourist Groups

A tourist group arriving by air, ship or by a bonded or programmed flight may be granted a collective landing permit for an era of up to 30 days by the immigration authorities on landing, provided the group is subsidized by a recognized travel agency and a pre-drawn schedule is presented along with aspects of passport, etc., of the elements, and the travel agency gives an undertaking to demeanor the group together.

Extension of Visa:

As a tenet no extension of hang about is granted on a Tourist Visa.

Other category of Visas: If a foreigner wishes to come to India for an intention other than tourism, he should come after obtaining one of the subsequent visas.

Business Visa:

A foreigner can acquire one from an Indian Embassy in a foreign country. A manifold entry visa is valid for 5 years, provided he wishes to come for some business. Foreigners of Indian source can obtain a 5 year multiple entry visas for business, to convene their relatives, etc.

Student Visa:

A student visa can be achieved from the Indian Embassy on the fabrication of evidence of admission and means of sustenance whereas in India, etc. The visa is valid for one year but can be extended in India for the duration of the course.

Conference Visa:

Delegates coming to focus international conferences in India can be granted Conference Visa to swathe the conference as well as for tourism in India. Entrusts are advised to pertain to Indian Embassies well in advance.

Employment Visa:

Foreigners longing for of coming to India for taking up service should apply for an Employment Visa, which are issued by Indian Missions overseas. At first granted for a time of one year, it can be unmitigated in India up to the period of agreement.


Foreigners wishing to embark on any intercontinental sporting event, trekking, botanical expeditions, yoga, journalists, media men, and documentary and trait film makers may attain visas after owing official procedure from the Indian Embassy.