History :
The warrior clan found in Gujarat is named as Bagri. Bagri clan traditionally belonged to the Kshatriya They come from the large and prominent group of tribes, the Jatts, in Punjab and the Gujjar in Rajasthan. Bagri are also from gotra among Mali caste of Rajasthan. They are one of the 72 sub-clans in Jats and from 3000 sub clans of Gujjar. The tribes Jatts and Gujjar are brave, hardworking and independent minded people known for their military prowess. Many of these tribes of Jatts and Gujjar were recruited into the British Indian Army during World War I.

The Bagri Tribe is also found in large numbers as Sikhs in Punjab state, India. There are many Bagris today who have now emigrated to the UK, USA and Canada. These tribe are also found a village in Punjab called Chak Kalan (also called Chak Bagrian), near Jullundar. Even in the Tonk Districk of Rajasthan were they are called as Bagri ki Dhani situation near Mashi Dam. Bagri also come from Bikaner of Rajasthan they are the Rajputs of Bikaner. They are considered high as compared to panwars. In Central India Bagris are professed robbers and theives or Barawaria Dacoits who are derived from the aborignial population of Central India.Bagri is derived from the word called Bagar which "hedge of thorns" the Bagar is surrounded by the ridges of wooden hills on all sides as if by a Hedge.

Bagri is one of the clan of Saini Groups in Haryana also. They have the higher status as compared to the other group of Saini which is Deshwale.

They wear the sacred thread as compared to the Panwars. They marry amongs themselves and remove the dead cattle with their own hands. They are an Indo-Aryan people and their main occupation is agriculture & some of them also became goldsmiths and call themselves Mair Rajputs. The Bagri Saini women of Haryana are permitted to work as labourers in the fields of other local farms for extra family income.

They also work with flowers and clean them to make garlands in parts of Rajasthan. Most of the educated women work in government and private organizations. They worship Lord Siva and celebrate all of the Indian Festivals.

Place /Location (then and now)
Punjab, Rajasthan, and Haryana,
Five million
Languages spoken
Bagri, Punjabi
Hinduism & / Lord Siva
Wheat, Millet

They are non-vegetarians and roti, prepared of wheat or bajra (millet) is their staple food. Alcoholic drink is an integral part of their social life. After the settling of disputes and on social and ceremonial occasions and festivities, drinks are served by the host.

Bagri is the significant language among the Indo-Aryan Family. It is a dialect of Rajasthani language and nearly five million various districts of Rajasthan like Hanumangarh , Srigananganagar and in Haryana Sirsa and Hissar Districts , Firozepur and Muktsar Districts of Punjabs speak Bagri. Bagric Language has got sound Phonemics.

Famous Personality
Raj Kumar Bagri, Baron Bagri, is a former Conservative member of the House of Lords who was born on 24 August 1930 He was a businessman and Chairman of the London Metal Exchange until 2002. He has also been awarded the CBE in 1995. In 1997 New Years Honours list announced that Bagri would be raised to the peerage. 1997 as Baron Bagri of Regent's Park in the City of Westminster he created a life peer. In 2010 in order to maintain his non-domiciled status he stepped down from his seat in the House of Lords and so he was able to avoid paying UK residents' taxes.Presently He is a member of the Advisory Committee of The Prince's Trust and Chairman of the Bagri Foundation. Lord Bagri is one of the governors of the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). Bagri married Usha Maheshwary in 1954 and has a son and a daughter.

The family in Jewar of Bulandshahr are known as ChhokarzAda, or descendants of a slave girl, and the inferior members of the tribe are called Bagri. And a village is named after this particular clan called Bagrinagar is a village in Raipur tehsil of Pali district of Rajasthan state. It consists of railway station on Marwar Junction-Ajmer line and their is one district level District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) in the village which conducts the 8th Board exam in the district. The Bagrinagar Population is 2,627 according to census 2001 and where male population is 1,275 while female population is 1,352.

Bagri Jats and Gurjar is a brave, hardworking and independent minded people known for their military prowess. Many of them were recruited into the British Indian Army during World War I.People belonging to the Bagri clan are found in large numbers as Sikhs in Punjab state, India. Many Bagris have now emigrated to the UK, USA and Canada.