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Indian Gazelle widely known as Chinkara belongs to the kingdom, Animalia.

Gazelle is referred from the family Bovidae and its sub family Antilopinae. The scientific name is Gazelle Bennettii and gene being the Gazella. Mammalia being its class and order is Artiodactyla. Mostly the species is spread-out in the South Asian regions. It has its own known appearance and looks like almost a deer. The quick classification of Chinkara is as below,

Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Artiodactyla
Family Bovidae
Subfamily Antilopinae
Genus Gazella
Species G. bennettii

Physical Structure

The Indian Gazelle measures a height of approximately 65 cms and Gazelles usually weigh around 23kgs. They are reddish buff colored, with glossy fur and very smooth coat in the summer weather. While in the winter season, they have the white belly with throat fur resulting in natural look with extreme contrast. From the corner of its eyes, darkish chestnut stripes are seen in the side face, and those dark stripes are bordered by white shades.

The Indian Gazelles have these white shades in the borders of its muzzle. They have beautiful horns and usually its length ranges from 30 to 40 cms. The male Gazelles have even curved horns, usually they are smaller. Short legs and small in size are their own characteristics. Gazelles are nimble and beautiful that is one of the gifted species among the Wildlife animals.

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