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The Indian lion, commonly called as 'King of the Jungle' is one of the five major big cats found in India. The Indian lions extended from the Mediterranean to the north-eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent. But their habitat was reduced due to excessive hunting, water pollution and decline in natural prey. Indian lions are smaller and lighter than their African counterparts, but are equally aggressive.


The Indian lion is also known as the Asiatic lion or the Persian lion. Many years back this lion wandered freely from Asia Minor and Arabia through Persia to India. The Indian lions in the Indian sub-continent extended across northern India from the east, all the way to Bihar in the west, and river Narmada marking their habitat limit in the south. This lion disappeared from Bihar in 1840, from Delhi in 1834, from Rajasthan and Central India in 1870, from the Eastern Vindhyas & Bundelkhand in 1880 and from the Western Aravallis in 1880. The Indian lion was wiped off from its wide Indian habitat except from one particular area, the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Gujarat in India. Indian Lion desires grasslands, shrub and open deciduous forests.

Places Found:

Gir National Park:The Indian lion is now found only in the Gir National Park, Gujarat. There have been efforts made to move a small number of these lions to another park. However, these plans are yet to be put into action.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

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