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The Bengal tiger or Royal Bengal tiger or Indian Tiger or White tiger which is the national animal of India is a large flesh-eating

Feline with the generic name Panthera Tigris Tigris. It is a tiger subspecies with the Kingdom - Animala and falls under the class Mammalia. Panthera literally means "yellowish animal", or "whitish-yellow".

Bengal tiger is the largest cat that falls under the family- Felidae.The other subspecies are Panthera tigris corbetti (Indochinese tiger), Panthera tigris jacksoni (Malayan tiger), Panthera tigris sumatrae (sumatran tiger),

Panther tigris altaica (Siberian tiger), Panthera tigris amoyensis (South china tiger). Bengal tiger has been classified as an 'Endangered Species' by IUCN. Panthera tigris has a yellow-brown coat with black stripes on a white background, lengthy tail, large paws and fearful teeth.


Bengal tigers live in various ranges of habitat including cold Himalyan forests, grasslands, subtropical forests, tropical rain forests, wet and dry deciduous forest and mangroves forest. Tigers prefer thick forest with more of thick and tall grasses and trees wherein they can hide from other animals and easily hunt the preys. The tiger's stripe helps them to mask itself in the thick and tall grass and vegetation. Tigers love water and especially during hot summer it is seen in swimming in the pools of water to make their body cool.Tigers are obligate carnivore, which means that it is an animal by its physical structure must prey and eat the flesh of other animals in order to thrive.

Tigers hunt or eat a variety of prey right from termites to the elephant calves. They prefer hunting chital, sambar, gaur, and to a lesser degree of barasingha, water buffalo, nilgai, serow and takin.Tigers depend on their sense of vision and hearing rather than on scent of olfactory nerves when hunting the prey. They carefully hunt their prey from the back in order to get as close as possible to their unsuspicious prey and slowly they take down their prey with a ferocious bite to the neck or throat. Tigers eat up to 20 to 40 kg in other words 40 to 88 pounds of meat at one time. Furthermore, the research says that every tiger hunts and eat about 20 to 50 deer-sized animals one per week in a year.

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