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Asian Koel

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The Asian Koel with the scientific name Eudynamys scolopaceus is a large cuckoo species of the family Cuculidae.

It is a widespread resident in India and is found in South East Asia, China and South Asia. Asian Koel is a brood parasite and a superspecies closely related to pacific koels and black billed koels. There are 5 out of 14 subspecies of Asian Koel known to exist in various parts of India. The quick classification of Asian Koel is as below,

Scientific Classification

 Kingdom   Animalia  
 Phylum   Chordata 
 Class   Aves 
 Order   Cuculiformes 
 Family   Cuculidae 
 Genus   Eudynamys 
 Species   Eudynamys scolopaceus 

Physical Characteristics:

It is a large cuckoo bird with long tail. They measure about 39 to 46 cm long and weigh about 190 to 237 g. The plumage of the male bird has glossy bluish black or greenish black plumage and has a pale green colored bill. The eyes are red, iris is crimson colored and has a grey feet and legs.The wings of the female are short but the tail is long.The female is brown on the crown and has rufous strikes on the head. The rump, back and wings are dark brown with white and buff spots.

The underparts of the bird are whitish but have heavy stripes. The upper plumage of the juveniles is similar to male and has a black beak.They show a pattern of moult which helps them to differentiate from other parasitic cuckoos. The outer parts show a transilient ascending moult, while the inner primaries have lesser moult. The flight of the bird is straight and fly high with rapid wing beats.

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