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Indian Rock Pigeon

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The Rock Pigeon or Rock Dove or Feral Pigeon is a very common resident of India and is widely spread all around the world.

The domestic Pigeon is a member of the bird family Columbidae (which includes doves and pigeons) and falls under the species Columbia livia.

This bird is simply referred as the 'Pigeon' is the familiar sight majorly in all the Cities of India. The word pigeon is derived from the Latin word called 'Pipon' meaning young bird, then it has been addressed in French as 'Pijon' and finally it is more commonly addressed as "Pigeon".

Physical Characteristics:

The Rock pigeon is a chunky bird with length measuring about 12 to 14 inches and weighing 238 to 380 grams. It can be seen in varying colors like blue gray, black, white, iridescent and brown. A Typical pigeon has grayish head, glittering green and purple combination on neck and throat (the feather is called as "Hackle", pale gray in the inferior areas like back and belly, combination of pale gray and darker gray in their wings with the length of about 25 to 27 inches, their bills are short, slightly curved dark and colored with gray. Eyes are orange in color and legs are pink.

The adult female differs from the male only by a minute variation. It is almost identical to the male, but the glitteriest on the neck is less intense and that on the breast is often very obscure. Young birds are slightly lustre and paler. During their flight the white under wing of the bird becomes very obvious and it is made V-shaped. The vocal sound can be heard in large when they are in flocks. The typical call is a rapidly fluctuating "croooo-croooo" sound.


Rock Pigeons are rapid and very agile fliers with a speed up to 85 miles per hour with their tapered or pointed wings and are seen in large flocks. They scavenge mostly on the ground, but rarely scavenge in trees as well.

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