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The Kurma Temple which is in Sri Kakulam is one exceptional temple, which is dedicated to a rare incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The more than seven hundred years old temple is dedicated to Kurma or the tortoise incarnation of the Lord. Kurma temple is said to be the only temple dedicated to the 'Kurma' '(tortoise) incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The present temple is at least 700 years old. The original temple was supposedly built in 200 AD.

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The Deity consists of two stones, about two feet long, coming out from the ground.These represent the head and as the devotees enter the inner sanctum of the temple, the idols of Lord Rama, Laksmana, and Sita are on one side and those of Govindadeva (Krishna) and His Sakhis on the other. The temple is located on the shore of Swatha Puskarini Lake.

Gopuram - Kurma Temple
While the temple faces east, the presiding Deity, Kurmadeva, faces the opposite direction, with his back to the entrance. According to traditional understanding, Bilvamangala Thakura, the author of Krishna-Karnamrita, prayed to the back of the Deity with such extreme humility and sincere devotion that Sri Kurma graciously turned around to face his worshipper. To the left of the main temple is a small temple dedicated to the four-armed form of Bilvamangala. It is said that Bilvamangala's body is buried below this temple. This temple has a devotional atmosphere and is architecturally beautiful to look at.

The idol structure comprises of two stones of around two feet in length. The stones come out from the ground representing the head and the body of the Lord - Sri Kurma. Located on the banks of the beautiful Swati Puskarini Lake, the temple has a divine entrance adorned with magnificent sculptures. The inner sanctum of the temple is adorned with wonderful idols on both the sides. On one side there are statues of Laxmana, Rama and Sita and on the other side there are statues of Govindadeva - Lord Krishna and his Sakhis or female friends.

Lord Vishnu - Tortoise
Another striking feature of the Kurma Temple of Andhra Pradesh is the position of the main deity - Kurmadeva. He sits with his back to the entrance, that is in the west while the temple faces the east. There is a legendary story associated with this interesting aspect of the temple. It is said that Bhilmangala Thakura prayed with such devotion that the deity turned around and blessed him. Popular belief is that Bhilmangal's body is still buried under the temple. A small temple is also present beside the main temple. The place is popular with both the devotees and the general tourists.

Time to Visit
A festival is held annually in February and the devotees flock here to take bath in the Swatha Pushkarini Lake. Nearby tourist places to Kurma Temple



Kurma Temple - Srikakulam - Vishakapattinam

How to reach the temple
  • Through Airways: Through Airways, the nearest airport is located in Vishakapatnam, some 106 km away from Srikakulam.

  • Through Railways:Through Railways, Srikakulam is well connected by railway lines to all the major cities and states in south India. Srikakulam Road Railway Station is about 30 km from Sri Kurma Temple. Regular buses are available from Vijayawada to Srikakulam

  • Through Roadways:Through Roadways, Srikakulam is well connected by road to all the major cities and states in south India.