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Food is an integral part of all Indian festivals and fairs. Check out our wide list of festival recipes. These recipes of Indian festival dishes are very to easy to make and bring happiness and fun much wanted during festive times.

India is a country that boasts of people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different religions and different classes. Each part of India would be celebrating one festival or the other every other single day.. These festivals offer a great opportunity for people from different religions and sections to enjoy the traditional delicacies that are cooked using the traditional recipes.

These traditional recipes have been passed on from generations to generations. Each and every festival brings with it the joy of the festival and ceremonious food that is awaited for all year long. The young and the old alike revel in the festival recipes irrespective of the restrictions they are posed during the rest of the year.

Sweets are added attractions during festivals like Diwali, Lohri, Eid, Christmas etc. People offer the sweets they prepare to the Gods and also exchange swith friends and relatives.

Here we are providing few Indian festival food recipes to make your festival celebrations more tastier. Some Indian festivals welcome the seasons of the year, the harvest season, the rains, or the full moon, others celebrate religious occasions, the birthdays of divine beings, Saints, and gurus or the advent of the new year. A number of these festivals are common to most parts of India, however, they may be called by different names in the various parts of the country or may be celebrated in a different manner. Check out our collection of popular Indian festival recipes.