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Diet Recipes
Eat less — Work more, mantra of the new universe. When health and Weight matters.
Festival Recipes
There is no rules for festival recipes, no diet control, no sugar control. Full of Ghee, Sugar and richy rich nuts and dried fruits. All forms part of the festival delights.
Incredient Based Recipes
If you have an ingredient we can give the recipe for you. Recipes for any ingredient found in India.
Kids Recipes
Eat the way early man had food and stay healthy. Food from the Grill and direct heat will less to no oil.
Game Recipes
The term 'game' applies to wild animals and birds that are hunted and eaten. Try cooking venison, rabbit, quail, dove, etc.
Jain Recipes
No Roots, no bulbs. And Vegetarian of Vegetarian recipes. The Jain Recipes
Non-Vegetarian Recipes
Red meat to Fish meat, found in land, water and Air. Fat to Omega 3. Enjoy the Non-Vegetarian recipes
Vegetarian Recipes
Only agricultural products. The Organic grown vegetables, fresh from farms, is the new Mantra.
Regional Recipes
From Andhra, Gujarathi, Chettinad, Mughalai, to South India specials
Recipes By Course
From morning breakfast, lunch and brunch, snacks and dinner or even for the mid night, we have the recipes for you
Microwave Cooking
When time is short, no conventional kitchen, no chimney, no proper ingredients. Then microwave it in style.

'Atithi Devo Bhava' or 'the guest is truly your god' is an ancient Sanskrit saying. True to the saying, the Indians play great hosts for their guests by their culinary expertise.

India is a land of varied cuisine styles. Indian cuisine has flourished from ancient times as the chefs mixed their ideas with the best of spices and ingredients available in the country to turn out exotic dishes for the erstwhile Maharajahs of India. There are no standard rules and regulations for dishing out Indian recipes. Spices and condiments are used so that the food is turned into any of the six tastes known to the human senses.

Most Indians are vegetarians who have been influenced by the thoughts of the great Mahatama, Buddha, Mahavir and other notable vegetarians. Ayurveda, the ancient science of India has also played its part in defining Indian cuisine from a health point of view. India is a land of diverse culture and traditions and hence its cuisine is also diverse.