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The Indian copper industry grew by nearly 50% in the year 2011. India has become a net exporter of copper after being a net importer during the last decade, though the country is not a major producer of copper ore. The copper industry in India takes up about 3% of the global market for copper.

In 2011, India's copper demand grew by 7% - following a similar demand in 2010, fed by the power sector.

According to India's 11th five year plan (2007-2012), the country's power generation sector is likely to make a huge investment with 150 power projects for the various stages of installation.

Indian Copper in 2011-2012
The most favorable contributing factors for the growth of the Indian copper industry include changes in global usage, industrial development in India, domestic increases in the construction, power, telecommunications and automobile sectors. Copper is used broadly in the manufacture of electrical machinery, building, cabling for power and telecommunications, and automobiles. This metal is also used for making brass and other similar alloys.

However, it is the electrical industry that consumes an appreciable bulk of the total amount of copper produced in the world. The industry imports raw copper and exports finished products. Reports suggest that India imports copper ore from Chile, Indonesia, Australia, and Canada. Available figures also suggest that India exports around 400,000 tons of copper which includes raw copper.

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