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Copper production in India may outstrip demand in the 2013 calendar year by a margin equal to the shortfall in global production during the year 2012. This could lead to a fall in prices in the near-term. A slow-down in the world economy could also lower demand for the metal, negatively impacting prices. India is among the top 20 major producers of copper globally.

But falling prices of copper in international markets would benefit India, as it is one of the world's biggest importers of the metal, alongside China, Japan, South Korea and Germany.

Typically, over 30 per cent of India's copper demand comes from the telecom sector and 26 per cent from the electrical sector in India. In addition, the building and construction, engineering, transport and consumer durables sectors are major consumers of copper in India.

Indian Copper Industry in 2012-2013
These sectors stand to benefit the most from lower prices of copper. At present India is the net exporter of refined copper. In FY 2012 around 2.30 lakh tones of refined copper was exported.

Electrical and power sectors account for nearly one-third (35%) of the refined copper consumption, followed by 11% by the transport sector like auto and railways industry, 8% each by construction and consumer durables industry. India's copper market has the potential for significant growth if the per capita consumption increases.

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