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The textile sector in India has so far remained subdued during the current few financial years. The total cloth production has declined by 4.74 per cent during April-December 2011. The decline in production has been due to two major segments, namely power loom (-2.54 per cent) and hosiery (-14.89 per cent).

Cloth production by the mill and handloom sectors increased by 1 per cent and 2 per cent respectively during the period .During April - December 2011, man-made fibre production and filament yarn production recorded a decrease of about 2 per cent and 7 per cent respectively. Production of cotton yarn decreased by 13 per cent during this period. However, blended and 100 per cent non-cotton yarn production increased by 5 per cent .

Textiles and clothing worth US $26.82 billion were exported during 2010-11 as against US$ 22.41 billion during 2009-10, registering an increase of about 19.66 per cent. During April-November 2011, exports of textiles and clothing were of the order of US$ 19.78 billion as against US$15.86 billion during the same period of 2010, registering a considerable growth of 24.73 per cent.

Indian Textiles Industry Industry in 2011-2012
In respect of global exports of clothing, India ranked sixth largest exporter as per the World trade Organization (WTO) trailing behind Turkey, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, EU-27, and China. In respect of global exports of textiles, India ranked third, trailing EU-27 and China.

In view of the recessionary trend in the textiles sector, the government has been supporting the textiles sector exports through various policy initiatives to enable the sector to increase market share in the global textiles markets. Government has introduced several export promotion measures for the textile industry in India.

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