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Diary-Cow INDIAN DAIRY INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2013 - 2014 Diary-Cow

For the year 2014 fluid milk production is set at a record 140.6 million tons, approximately 4.5 percent more than the year 2013 on the assumptions of a normal monsoon, increased demand for milk and dairy products and rising consumer income.

In 2013 fluid milk production has been marginally decreased and was at 134.5 million tons. In year 2013 production estimate for Non Fat Dry Milk- NFDM was at 470,000 metric tons. While most NFDM producers faced difficulties throughout 2012, market for NFDM has picked up in 2013 due to strong prices and export ban lifted in June 2012.

Following India's rising production trend, forecast for 2014 production of combined butter and ghee (clarified butter) has been increased approximately by 3 percent over the year 2013 to 4.88 million metric tons as a result of increase in income of an average Indian consumer leading to increased domestic demand. India ranks first in the world in milk production and it has gone up to about 127 million tons in 2013. The country accounts for around 17 percent of world's total dairy production.

Indian Dairy Industry in 2013-2014
As per Economic Survey Statistics, the per capita availability of milk has increased to 290 grams per day in the last fiscal and this is comparable with the world per capita availability of milk at 289 grams per day.

Strong prices supported by growth of the Indian economy and the rising domestic demand for value-added dairy products are factors contributing to increased production. Growing private investment in dairy processing facilities is also expected to provide further impetus to India's milk production over the coming years.

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