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IDA is been Established in the year 1948, it is the apex body of the dairy industry in India. The members are from the cooperatives, MNCs, corporate bodies, private institutions, educational institutions, government and public sector units. IDA functions very much closely with the dairy producers, professionals & planners, scientists & educationists, institutions and organizations associated with the development of dairying in India. The IDA since has a history of around six decades now, it has had the privilege of being headed by several Presidents and some of them were of national and international fame. The luminaries like Sardar Datar Singh, Dr. K.C. Sen, Dr. Z.R. Kothawalla, Dr. D.N. Khurody, Dr. V. Kurien, Dr. P. Bhattacharya were the past presidents of the IDA.

IDA has been providing a common forum to knit the dairy fraternity together and thus, over the years, it has emerged as the reigning czarina of information. The Association is managed by an apex policy making body called the Central Executive Committee (CEC). The CEC is headed by President and also been supported by two Vice-Presidents and 19 Executive Committee Members. The ongoing CEC is spear headed under the dynamic leadership of Dr. N.R. Bhasin, IDA has emerged as a platform for assimilation and dissemination of knowledge, as an important tool for policy making in the dairy sector, in India! Besides, the IDA, in the recent time, has also succeeded to focus itself at the national and international fora. The IDA organizes seminars, symposia and exhibitions on very much wide range of topics catering to various segments of professionals, scientists, institutions and organisations associated with the development of dairying in India.

Dairy Association
The IDA Head Quarter is located in Delhi and mainly the zonal branches are in Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi. It has State Chapters at Gujarat (Anand), Kerala (Thrissur), Rajasthan (Jaipur), Punjab (Chandigarh), Bihar (Patna), Uttarakhand (Dehradun) and Haryana (Karnal). Transmission of technical/scientific information to all the members both to individual as well as institutions. This achievement is through publication of Indian Dairyman and Indian Journal of Dairy Science. Indian Dairyman, a monthly periodical, is a mouthpiece of the dairy industry,

which besides publishing technical, scientific and trade-related articles, updates its members with latest information in dairy industry, including status in regard to domestic market prices. Indian Journal of Dairy Science is a bimonthly journal, which primarily covers research articles. Mainly to organize periodic Conferences, Seminars and Workshops on subjects of current interest. To maintain an inventory of the dairy scientists, research workers and dairy planners and professionals employed in the different sphere of the dairy industry including consultants in the field. To undertake the most of the consultancy projects both overseas as well as in the country whenever such a request is received from any central ministry of the Government of India. IDA being a representative body of the Indian dairy sector, do time-to-time, intervene on the policy issues like presentation of pre-budget memorandum, addressing issues arising out of the tariff rates, import/export, sanitary standards including PFA issues etc.

It has also been trying to address the issues arising out of WTO/SPS etc. To IDA has got a fairly well equipped Library and maintains a Data Bank, which stores information on Indian Dairy Industry as well as International Dairy Industry. The objective IDA involves most of the advancement of dairy science and industry, farming, animal husbandry, animal sciences and its branches including dairy farming & research on breeding, and management of dairy livestock; and towards that end the association will seek. To provide opportunities for mostly dissemination and exchange of knowledge and ideas gained from experiments and experience through meetings, conferences, seminars and for collaboration between persons and/or institutions interested in research & planning and those in production, processing and marketing. To practice and promote a high standard of objectivity, scientific expertise and technical proficiency. To encourage and promote also the scientific research and development related to dairy, dairy farming.

To promote and participate in every way the rational and economic development of dairy science, industry and farming (as defined under the Rules & Regulations) in the country in association with cooperatives, industry, or any other organization, national or international, having similar aims and objectives. To assume good responsibility or functions when asked to do so, on behalf of Government towards the advancement of dairying. To collaborate with most of the societies, associations, or any other organization, national or international, having similar aims and to participate in meetings held in India or abroad centered around similar objectives. To promote good standards and to foster the growth of the dairy industry in general and for the purpose engage in consultancy activities, set up laboratories and do such like or other things as are necessary for the purpose. To adopt, as and when required, an appropriate logo for the Association and to permit the use thereof by its members on such terms as may deem appropriate. To promote dairying as a part of Animal Husbandry activity in particular and agricultural farming in general for the benefit of livestock and agricultural farmers. To organize training, exhibition mostly help in establishment of dairy farm as a part of Animal Husbandry activity for the benefit of agricultural, livestock & dairy farmers, in pursuance of objectives of the Association.

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