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Costume jewellery in Industry has clocked 20-30 per cent growth in the current fiscal. Today Indian women are opting for costume jewelry for weddings and parties. Overseas demand for Indian jewelry is also on the rise. The Indian jewelery industry is rooted in tradition and quality. To its traditional know how, India has been adding modern techniques that are more in tune with trends in the latest world market.

Indian Jewellery industry in 2013-2014
India is the world's preferred country for gems and jewellery export. Gems and jewellery exports reached US$ 39,033 million in 2013, accounting for around 13 per cent of country's total merchandise exports. The industry witnessed a growth of 11.9 per cent with exports of US$ 39,033 million in 2013 compared to US$ 24,894 million in 2008-09.

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