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During the past 15 years, the refined copper production capacity in India has increased by 20 times and the production grew by 18 times. There are plans to increase the primary copper production capacity in near future. This is due to the fact that the domestic demand for copper is likely to surpass the present installed capacity in the next couple of years.

The present estimated per capita consumption is only about 0.5 kg The world average per capita copper consumption is around 2.7 kg. The key drivers for the growth prospect of the Indian Copper Industry include: growing domestic market; government's priority for infrastructure development; copper in many end-use sectors, improved life style; newer opportunities, etc.Electrical sector is the largest user of copper in India.

Per capita electricity consumption in India is still very low, about 780 kWh in comparison to the global average of 2780 kWh. Since copper and its alloy components play vital role in electricity generation, distribution and utilization - 12-15% per annum demand growth in this sector is possible.

Indian Copper Industry in 2014-2015
The demand for copper is expected more in the railways and automobile sector.According to industry sources, the present penetration level of Air Conditioners is only 3% and the expected medium term growth is 15-20% p.a.Commercial refrigeration market expects 10-12% p.a. growth in medium term.

Hence copper tube demand growth may be in the term of 15% p.a. or even more in this sector.The domestic copper demand has registered substantial growth in the recent past particularly in the year 2014-2015.

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