Indian wool Industry


Indian Wool Industry INDIAN WOOL INDUSTRY AT A GLANCE IN 2021 - 2022Indian Wool Industry

India is the ninth-largest wool producer in the world. India has the third-largest sheep population too. The wool production of the country in 2020-21 was 36.93 million kg.

2021-2022 Indian Wool Industry
Major Wool Producers in 2021

Rajasthan (15.68 million kg), Jammu and Kashmir (7.65 million kg), Telangana (3.37 million kg), Gujarat (2 million kg), Maharashtra (1.55 million kg), Himachal Pradesh (1.48 million kg), Karnataka (1.05 million kg), Uttar Pradesh (0.89 million kg), West Bengal (0.76 million kg) and Haryana (0.69 million kg).

Wool Exports

The value of woollen items exported increased by 4% to US$ 1.64 billion in 2020-21 from US$ 1.57 billion in 2019-20. During 2020-21, India exported wool carpets worth US$ 1.43 billion. And the value of ready-made garments and woollen yarn exports were US$ 104.56 million and US$ 105.66 million respectively.

India exports woollen yarn fabrics, hand-made carpets and readymade garments to Italy, Korea, the UK, the US, Sri Lanka, Germany, Australia, UAE, Sweden, Netherland, Oman, Afghanistan, and Tanzania. The US is a major importer of woollen products from India with 2020-21 exports at US$ 855 million. The UK and Germany are the two large importers with 2020-21 exports valued at US$ 81 million and US$ 97.5 million. The value of exports to UAE, Sweden and Netherlands for the year 2020-21 was US$ 38.5 million, US$ 32.9 million and US$ 34 million respectively.

wool Industry  INDIAN wool Industry AT A Glance IN 2020 - 2021