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The Clothing Manufacturers Association Of India (CMAI) is one of the most pioneer and representative Association of the Indian apparel industry for more than over four decades. It has a membership base of more than 20,000 companies, which are including Readymade Garment Manufacturers, Exporters, Retailers and Ancillary Industry. With its headquarters being in Mumbai, CMAI also has branches in New Delhi, Bangalore and Pune. The Association has been acting as a catalyst of change in the industry by interacting with the Government on matters of policies that are being impacted by the future of apparel industry. Representing the industry's viewpoint in matters like Sales Tax, VAT, etc., for the Domestic Sector and Exim Policy, procedures, etc., for the Export Sector are important amongst such issues. The Association also guides its Members on compliance with various Government Regulations.

Amongst its major achievement in the whole of the industry is its immense contribution and lead role in the creation of the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) way back in 1978. Today AEPC regulatory body regulates the promotion of entire Garment Exports from India. Taking initiative which was done way back in 1982 to establish National Garment Fair and Regional Garment Fairs to connect domestic garment manufacturers with retailers, distributors and agents across the country is another major contribution of CMAI. Being the largest conglomeration of all the Retailers and Manufacturers, it serves as a single sourcing destination thereby infusing efficiency of time and cost into the supply chain. These Fairs have today not only become the most important annual trade events for the Indian Apparel Industry's domestic market, but have substantially contributed to the rapid growth of the overall market size. The Association runs a well equipped Testing Laboratory to test the Physical and Chemical characteristics of Yarn, Fabrics and Garments. The services of the Laboratory are open to Members as well as Non-Members. CMAI has been authorised by the Government of India to issue Certificate of Origin (Non-Preferential) to Exporters.

Clothing Manufacturers Association
Apparel - The official magazine of CMAI is one of the leading monthly trade magazines containing industry news, articles on topical issues and in-depth analysis. Excellence in the Export and Domestic sectors of the industry is recognized by CMAI through its annual Apex Awards, the National Awards for Excellence in Apparel. Today, CMAI is truly the only Indian Association that represents the entire Indian Apparel Industry and Trade on prestigious international forums such as International Apparel Federation headquartered in Netherlands and Asian Apparel Federation headquartered in China.

  • Organization of National and International Garments Fairs

  • Settlements of Defaults mainly in Payments in the Domestic Sector

  • Testing Laboratory

  • Publication of "Apparel" magazine

  • Recognition for Excellence in Apparel - Apex Awards

  • Issue of Certificates of Origin for Export Invoices

  • Liaison with Government on Industry Issues

  • Organization of Conferences, Seminars and Workshop

  • Dissemination of Information

  • Training of Workforce for the Garment Industries

  • Directory of Garment Manufacturers

  • Legal Advice

  • Technical Advice

  • Sales Tax and VAT Matters

  • Service Tax Matter
The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) is doing a forefront work in providing services to the Garment Industry in India. It has, over the years played a pivotal role in putting the clothing industry on the international map and obtaining several concessions and incentives from the State and Central authorities.

CMAI's members consists of a wide spectrum of professionals from all fields associated with textiles and garments. Among the important services rendered to its members are legal and technical advice, sales tax service, helping members recover their outstanding, issue of certificate of origin for the purpose of export, representations on various problems, issue circulars, on important matters publish a magazine, organize trade fairs and exhibitions. One more milestone in CMAI's history of service to the Garment and Textile Industry is "THE CMAI TESTING LABORATORY" The Testing Laboratory is a unique project undertaken by the association to provide a comprehensive, efficient, accurate and reasonably priced testing facilities to the garment industry.

Globalisation which is being the keyword in India is all set to meet the world challenge, especially in the Garments and Textile Industry, which forms an important and substantial component of India's exports. Product quality has been of prime concern to both buyers and sellers in order to achieve increasing consumer satisfaction and to safeguard their reputation in the growing apparel and textile markets. In western markets, most of the garments are statutorily required to carry labels indicating fibres and their contents, laundering instructions and many other specifications have to be strictly adhered to. Also quality is a major source of concern even to sellers, as they need to depend upon many sub-vendors who supply raw materials and products, thereby emphasising the need for strict quality control. There has been an absence of a professional, fully equipped testing laboratory with latest equipments and fully trained competent technical manpower and functioning to the exacting standards of the western markets. Companies have to work towards improvement of their quality systems to the standards demanded by ISO 9000 series.

Clothing Manufacturers Association Of India
Hence there has been a huge vacuum in the field of textile testing. CMAI's Testing Laboratory has been set up to meet this need of the industry, enabling Indian Garment Industry to excel internationally. The services of the CMAI Testing Laboratory can be utilized by members and non-members. Fairs have been widely acclaimed by participants as means to diversify their distribution base, to absorb new trends in product-mix, style-wise, design-wise etchant to increase domestic business.

CMAI also co-sponsors with AEPC and other Association Export Fairs (called India International Garment Fair) at which participating members get an exposure to overseas buyers which helps them to diversify their export market base. So far, CMAI has organized over 50 such fairs which have proved immensely beneficial in widening the product-mix and diversifying the distribution chain. CMAl also organizes fairs for the accessory suppliers and garment machinery manufacturers called the MACCESSORY FAIR. This helps the manufacturers to know about the latest technological developments in the machinery used to produce a garment and also about the various embellishments and accessories used in a garment. CMAI provides very much stable and trustworthy platform to showcase talent, creativity and spirit of enterprise for the benefit of manufacturers and consumers. Through Fashion Yatra, CMAI also helps manufacturers to interact, display and sell their ready to wear garments directly to the consumer.


Head Office: The Clothing Manufacturers' Association of India
902, Mahalaxmi Chambers, 22, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai:- 400026
Tel. : 022-23538245, 23538986, 23525168
Fax. : 2351 59 08 Email : [email protected], [email protected]

Regional Offices: (Karnataka Regional Office)
Geetha Mansion, 6th Floor, 40/1, Kempegowda Road, Bangalore:- 560009.
Telephone: 080-22267966 Email : [email protected]

(Western Maharashtra Regional Office)
512, Gultekdi, Market Yard, Near Gate No.8, Pune:- 411037.
Telephone : 020-24269382 Email : [email protected]

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