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Retailers Association of India (RAI) is serving as the unified voice of Indian retailers. RAI is a not for profit organization, which works with all the stakeholders for creating the right environment for the growth of the modern retail industry in India. RAI is the body that has been encouraging and developing the facilities and supports retailers to become modern and adopt best practices that will delight customers. RAI has a three charter aim for Retail Development, Facilitation and Propagation.

Retail Association
Retailers Association of India (RAI) always strives to follow the best practices to the retail industry and it's stakeholders. RAI's efforts has been centered around advocacy and government representations, bringing best practices to the industry, fostering retail learning and training, creating a reservoir of information through retail research, disseminating communication through magazines, newsletter, website, etc., for the benefit of it's members and the industry

To develop, facilitate and propagate practices that will help grow the Indian retail industry, leading to increased consumption and growth of the economy.

RAI Mission:
  • To establish the growth of modern retail in India.

  • To support retailers by providing the required knowledge and information.

  • To lobby and liaise with the whole of the government for easier establishment and operations of retailing in India.

  • To educate and train retailers mainly to adopt modern retail practices in India.

  • To work for customer delight by helping retailers create the right retail environment.

  • To encourage adoption of the right values, transparency and code of conduct by retailers.
Core Membership of RAI is applicable only to the organized retailers across sectors. The role of the Core Members is principally to form the major membership body of RAI looking for opportunities to imbibe best practices, by benefitting from membership experiences and learning and following the guidelines of RAI.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • The Retailer should issue a bill for every transaction.

  • The Retailer should be registered under VAT/Service tax.

  • The Retailer should not be employing child labour.

  • More than 50% of the Organisation's business or 100 Crore which ever is less should be from retail activities.
Member Benefits:
  • Be a part of the representations which is made to Central and State Governments on critical issues.

  • Attend all activities / seminars / training programs of RAI at members discounted rates or complimentary (select events).

  • Have access to RAI's infrastructure facilities in Mumbai for meetings, training activities, etc.

  • Make use of RAI's library and resource facilities in Mumbai and other cities where such facilities are created by RAI.

  • Receive complimentary copies mainly of the select publications / newsletter.

  • Purchase RAI's publications/research reports at discounted rates.

  • Have access to exclusive member only section on RAI website.

  • Receive survey and findings, trade info, legislation updates, etc.

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