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Ajay Passayyadu is an Indian Telugu Language movie directed by Prem Bhagirath that got released on 4 January 2019. Ajay Aman and Ambika take the central role of the movie. Jhansi, Sai Ketan, Sivannarayana and a lot of others are shown in subsidiarycharacters in this film.

Ajay Passayyadu Ajay Passayyadu


Ajay (Ajay Aman) is a former student who is greatly in love with Nandini (Ambika). On knowing the helping nature of Ajay, even Nandini falls in love with him. As soon asthe whole thingappears to be going good, Ajay catches into a peculiarcondition by aiding his friend and this builds a bad imprint in the perceptiveness of Nandini who breaks up with him. What is that circumstances? In what way did Ajay derive out of it? And how did he createconcord with Nandini is in one piece the story of the flick


Ongoing the fashion of smallfinancial planmovies, yet an additionalfilm which has won the screens in the present day is Ajay Passayyadu. The film genre: Drama.


Ajay Passayyadu is a side-splittinghumour potboiler which describes the story of anill-behaveduniversity boy Ajay Kumar, who churnsround the grudge with the opposinguniversitybunch of hooligans, pacts with constantly complaining female love and tangos with his sweettiny family.
  • Film Director: Prem Bhagirath
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Ajay Aman, Ambika, Sivannarayana, Jhansi
  • Overall Rating: 3.0/5
  • Film Certification: UA


Ajay Aman ensured a decent work in his first appearance film. He was to a certain extententhusiastic in his line of attack and supported the picture on his carriesfurthermost of the time. Female lead Ambika is worthy in her expressivestarring role. Physical attractiveness wise, she is fair okay but her enactment in moment of truthparts was to a certain extentremarkable.Jhansi was good in her character and fetched a small number ofextracts to existence. Artist Siva Narayana who did the fathers part did his auxiliaryappealpretty well. There are a small number ofhumoursections which were picked up well by the director in the opening half.

The means in which the central pair falls in love has been put on show in a very trivialstyle which airs over the topmost. Not any of the characters have heaviness in their parts as they have been carveddeprived of any seriousness.The events in both the halves are so boring that you get fed up to no degree. There is not much amusement as the events take their specificperiod to arise to the real story.As most of the subsidiarygroup of actors is fresh, they did anunderprivilegedwork and do not complement any heaviness to the flick. The story does not have punch in quite a lot ofparts and this makes a mind-numbingresult on the events.

Tune by Sahini Srinivas was second-rate as not any of the tracksstoodworthy. Camera effort by Ganesan was fewer pars as the flickgazesto a certain extentcloudy in a lot ofparts. The production standards of the movie are normal as the settings do not excite you. Editing is average and the production strategy is also an average.Moving on to the movies director Prem Bageeradh, he miscarried in his carrying out of the love story. Not merely his writing was old, but his regularcarrying out and nonexistence of plain drama ended the motion picture goeson the blink in no time.

In one piece, Ajay Passayyadu is anunsatisfactorydreamycomic which has nonentityaccepted in its way. Absence of deepness in the events, bad secondarygroup of actors and lack of simplesentimentseradicate the attention of the viewers right away. It is healthier that you avoid the motion picture this holiday and re-visit along-standingstarry-eyed love story to mark your frame of mind better.


  • Ajay Aman asAjay
  • Sai Sudheer
  • Sivannarayana Naripeddi as Ajay’s Father
  • Sai Kethan as Vikram
  • Ambika as Nandhini
  • Jhansi as Ajay’s Mother
Ajay Passayyadu


Ajay Passayyadu is a Telugu Humourflick directed by Prem Bhagirath. The flick is createdunderneath the outstanding Bharatam Creations, Y Rajendra Productions. Sahini Srinivas is signed as the music director of the film. J Ganeson has picked up the picture making while PV Narasimha Rao has completed the cutting out.