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Akkadokaduntadu is an Indian Telugu Language action thriller movie directed by SriPaada Viswak that got released on 1 February 2019. The motion picture isproduced by Shiva Shankara Rao and K Venkateswara Rao underneaththe outstanding Light House Cine Magic whereas Sarcs countedtune for this motion picture. Ram Karthik, Rasagna Deepika and Shiva Shankara Rao take the central role in the film along with Ravi Babu, Vinod Kumar, Indraja, Surya and several others are seen in auxiliarycharacters in this motion picture.



In order to contract out of a hit and run instance, five friends (Karthik, Vamsi, Nithya, Aadhi and Satya)choose to pay off an eye witness by plundering black money of a alleged politician KK (Ravi Babu). Almost immediately after gettingto his residence, the friends face a difficulty in the method of a visually challenged individualnamed Yogi(Siva Kantamneni). Who is this character Yogi? Why is he guarding KKs black money? Is to hand any backstory in arrearsof his range of vision? In what manner will the friends outflow out of the circumstance? These form the storyline of the motion picture.


Going on the total, Akkadokaduntadu is the similardeep-rooteddusky thriller which absences anappropriatestory. Slow-paced and regularactions in both the splitsmark this motion picture a mind-numbinglookout for this weekend. The motion picturegenre: Action, Thriller.


End to end with a small number offurthertrivialflicks, a motion picture called Akkadokaduntadu has as well hit the displaysin the present day.
  • Film Director:Sri Paada Viswak
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Ravi Babu, Vinod Kumar and Ram Karthik
  • Overall Rating:2/5
  • Film Certification:UA


Siva Kantamneni, who represented a visually challenged individual, is worthy in his starring role and his recovered memoryincidents with household are described on a decent note. All the performers in the friends ring are true to life in their parts and contributed an up to scratchroutine.

Ravi Babu as anunethical politician is spick-and-span and ensures his character with a lot of genuineness and take along a lot of gravity to the motion picture. A societalnoteemphasizedfor the duration of the peak is respectable.

The most importantshortcoming of the motion picture is its unengaging story. Till intermission point, the spectator doesnt know around what the motion picture is entirely about. Scenes are monotonous and have a delay in the story.

In the final half, however we come to bein clearness on the motion picturesrealsubject, the regular and slow-paced tellingmarks the actionsuninteresting.There are a small number offilmicrightsengaged in launching Yogis visually challenged appeal which airsabove the top and fake on the display.


  • Ram Karthik
  • Rasagna Deepika
  • Shiva Shankara Rao
  • Ravi Babu
  • Vinodkumar
  • Indraja
  • Surya


Director Sri Paada Viswaks impression of creating a dark thriller is agreeablebut then his storydeficienciesattention. If he would have originated up with a healthierscript, things would have functioned in good turn of the motion picture. Cutting outeffort is decent as the motion pictures runtime is petite and crunchy. The picture making is worthy as a small number of natural localities in the wooded area are caught well. Tune is satisfactorybut then the background mark for Yogis promotionsections is respectable. Production standards for this low-budget motion picture are Acceptable.