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The film was produced by Naraindas Lalwani underneath his outstanding N.J Lalwani Battalion 609is an Indian Language action film written and directed by Brijesh Batuknath Tripathi that got released on 11 January 2019.The film stares Elena Kazan, Farnaz Shetty, Sparsh Sharma, Vishwas Kini, KIaan, Jashn Kohli, Vicky Ahuja, Vikas Srivastava, Chandraprakash Thakur and Manish R SharmaFilms.

Battalion 609 Battalion 609


The screenplayturn around a cricket competitionin the middle of the Indian Defence force and the Pakistan Defence force moved outoff beam and re-counts the story of the armed forces of Battalion 609 setting up a battle with Taliban.Later an outbreak on the Indian army nearby the LOC, the game which was to be played amongst India and Pakistan is decided not to occur at the moment. Anwar Hussein, a Pakistani soldier who is very affectionate of cricket and was seeingfrontward to the game, tosses a cricket bat at the other end of the LOC and sounds the Indian armed forces and Indians a cluster of fraidy-cats. In rage, the Indian armed forces toss a ball in the direction of them. Almost immediately, anoralbattlebreakdownamongst them which tops to the two groupsdetermining to play a cricket match;thebringing up the rearside will yield their post eighteen kilometres back.


The movie Battalion 609 is a Bollywood war-drama, organized by Brijesh Batuknath Tripathi. The motion pictureco-stars Shoaib Ibrahim, Elena Kazan, Farnaz Shetty, etc. in the maincharacters. Vijay Mishra has brandished the camera for the film Battalion 609. The film genre: Action.


The manner that the motion picture is a 2 hour, 21 minutes outburst on a precisecountry and representation of it in dreadfulperception is unacceptable. All things well thought-out, 'Unit 609' isn't the category of story that efficientlymake evident the honestloyalty of our Indian soldiers as it is recurrentlycaptivatingmatch up at the next-doornation and mix upassertions at it that have not so extreme been revealed.
  • Film Director: Brijesh Batuknath Tripathi
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Shoaib Ibrahim, Elena Kazan, Farnaz Shetty, Sparsh Sharma, Vishwas Kini and Chandraprakash Thakur
  • Overall Rating: 1.0/5
  • Film Certification: UA


In demand to gain back a piece of property that was fraudulentlyobtained by the Pakistani Armed forces, the Indian Armed forcesaggravates them for a game of cricket and the conqueringclusteracquires the chance to take along home the propertythough keeping up its nation's superiority.

The motion picture - 'Battalion 609' is a self-sacrificingeffort to high spot the innumerablelosses Indian armed forcesmark to look after our intercontinentalboundaries and dominion, but the story line is far-fetched and even ridiculous on quite a lot ofinstances. Other than the marginallytolerabletracks and a sense of nationalism that it proposes to impress upon in today's age group, this conflict drama has nothing innovative to compromisebearing in mind we have a lot ofbenchmarks on this unambiguoustopic.

As well, the point that the motion picture is a 2 hour, 21 minutes angry outburst on a specificnation and interpretation of it in immoralsavour is intolerable. All in all, 'Battalion 609' is not the type of story line that magnificentlydisplays the spot-onboldness of our Indian armed forces as it is continuouslycaptivatingtaunts at the next-door nation and flingingindictments at it that have not so far been ascertained.


  • Shoaib Ibrahim referred to as Kamraj Mishra
  • Elena Kazan referred toas Rukhsana
  • Farnaz Shetty referred toas Bijli
  • Vishwas Kini referred toas Iqbal Qureshi
  • Jashan Singh Kohli referred toas Balbeer Singh
  • Chandraprakash Thakur referred toas General Yashwant
  • Sparsh Sharma referred toas Jassi(Jaspal Singh)
  • Major Kishore referred toas Kanan Gopal Rao
  • Manish Sharma referred toas Shoaib Jamal
  • Vikas Shrivastav referred toas Al- Nazar
  • Vicky Ahuja
  • Shrikant Kamat referred toas Gulshan Pandey
  • Rammy C. Pandey referred toas Major Rammy Pandey
Battalion 609


The motion picturesound effect wascool, calm, collected and shaped by Shailendra Sayanti. Sanjay Choudhuri operated as a guest musician in the flick.The initial song, "Garam Hai Itnee Body", was hummed by Raja Sagoo.