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Why Cheat India is an Indian Hindi Language crime drama film written and directed by Soumik Sen that got released on 18 January 2019. Emraan Hashmiand Shreya Dhanwanthary take the central role of the film.

Why Cheat India


Rakesh Singh (Emraan Hashmi) owns a trade that permitstutoringcons to curl in the nation. He sign upoptimisticlearnershooked on his idea, makes them composesubstituteassessments for pupils who are not capable to pass, and then and there, aids them acquire a forged degree. This story turns around one innocent young man, Sattu (Snigdhadeep Chatterjee). He is a person who daydreams of anenhanced life. He finally falls in target to Rakesh's conspiratorialplot.


The motion picturecentres on prevailingunprofessional conduct in nation's education system, the entireidea of purchasing your methodover education, occupations and remunerations. Even with adeveloping education structure, the nation faces rip-offs like SSC and HSC paper leakages, CBSE reassessment, Vyaapam, etc. The film genre: Drama.


A clever con man chooses to yieldbenefit of an educational world wherever there are very rareopenings and too countlessjob hunter, and merely the cleverest can endure. From equipping examinations to fakingdocuments, his structures will mutuallyabuse and uncover the weak spot of an education structurenervous with teething troubles. The motion pictureattempts to change the attention of folks to realize the susceptibility of hardworking and talentedpupils who get left out.
  • Film Director: Soumik Sen
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Emraan Hashmi and Shreya Dhanwanthary
  • Overall Rating: 3.0/5
  • Film Certification:UA


A clever man once said that goodness is believeddelightfulfor the reason that it bidswonderfulopportunities for misuse. Why Cheat India, is centred on the education structure of India, where naivepupils and their frantic parents drop into the trick of duplicitous, to get a place in their preferredinstitution. An unscrupulous Rakesh Singh aka Rocky (Emraan) sugarydialogseasily influencedpupils and pulls them to a world of lawbreaking with currency. He uses speculativehighfliers to write papers on behalf of supplementarypupils and featsnumerousadditionaldodges at the university examination level. He's the typical anti-hero and his story of law-breaking and briberyclimaxes a surplus of glitches and misconducts that presentlyoutbreak our education structure. Director Soumik Sen's sarcasticgaze at the exam paper faction and the mind-set of Indian parents frequentlyconsidering their offspring as 'reserves for the future' is pertinent, however the method he conveys this realisticstory, doesn't worthhighestposition.

The story is centred in countrysidelocalities like Jaunpur, Kota and Jhansi, where the stress on the youth to be engineers, doctors and MBA scholars, is perhapsextreme than what pupils face in municipalmetropolises. As Rakesh Singh's determination to be a linchpin of exam cliquediscloses, the spectatoracquires to observe the kind of link that abuses and deedslivelypupils, and how this is of the primerip-offs running in the nation. Understandings from this world of darkethics and mismanagements, has extraordinarytremor value and that's what marks the idea of Why Cheat India, prettypertinent. Numerousparts from the moviesensedisorganized, owed to the uneven editing and unreliablescript.

Certain circumstances in the movie, alike Sattu's blind belief on Rakesh, in spite of being aware that he's fairadditional spoke in Rocky's traderoll, doesn't mark any logic. Rocky's ownstory doesn't enhanceamplecomplexity to the design. The subsequent half tosses up some wonders and twists, improving the performance in the plan. Even though maximum of his outlines are like a sequence of punches yelling for applauds, Emraan's appeal and strengthretains you addicted. The newlooks of Shreya Dhanwantary and Snigdhadeep Chatterjee are flawlessly cast in the characters of immatureappeals.Even with the faults in the storyline, the motion picture and its numeroustopics have an adequate amount of at hand to retain you keep amused.


  • Emraan Hashmi shown as Rakesh Singh (Rocky)
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary shown as Nupur Dubey
  • Snighadeep Chatterjee shown as Satyendera Dubey "Sattu"
  • Manuj Sharma shown as Bablu (Rakesh's Friend)
  • Nawal Shukla shown as Yogesh Dubey (Nupur & Sattu's Father)
Why Cheat India


The approvedprimary teaser artwork was on the loose on 28 August, 2018.The approvedpreview of motion picture was on the rampage on 12 December 2018.In January 2019, the movie'sheading was changed due to a last-ditchopposition from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). In the beginning titled Cheat India, it was out as Why Cheat India.On the other hand, in Pakistan, it was out as Cheat with a runtime of 128 minutes.

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