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Janaadhipan is an Indian Malayalamlanguage political thriller movie written and directed by Thanseer M Afor Devi Entertainments that got released on 10 January 2019. Hareesh Peradi, Vinu Mohan and Anil Nedumangad take the central role. Music was self-possessed by Mejo Joseph.



The Partychooses Kannur Vishwan as the Chief Minister of Kerala in distressedperiods as not one person but he is appropriate to drive the party and the governmentover the concerned times like those in the future. In the middle ofampleconfusion, Kannur Vishwan discovers his ideologiestried time and again.


The film is centred on the life of a Chief Minister in Kerala who was pockmarkedin contradiction of an undistinguishableopponent and by what meansevery persontangled was calculatingbrutally for their individualachievement. The film genre: Political Drama


The picture is decent if you are a political film fan but don't anticipatefar from the performing and directional effort. Theme is worthyto a certain extentmotivated by the actualoccurrences but to some degree aren't sufficient to have you tied up with the flick.
  • Film Director: Thanseer M A
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Hareesh Peradi, Vinu Mohan and Anil Nedumangad
  • Overall Rating: 2.0/5
  • Film Certification: UA


Janadhipan is an unreformed paean to the present-day LDF government, particularly the Chief Minister. Anupright and optimist, stern politician treasuredvery much in his inborn land, Kannur Vishwan is represented by Hareesh Peradi. One is instantlyprompted of Kaitheri Sahadevan from Left Right Left, a paradigmatic political film directed by Arun Kumar Aravind and relished by the millennials. On the other hand, the resemblancescome to an endclose by.

Kannur Vishwan is a fella of moralities; anincorruptible communist. Next to the electoral success, as soon as the Party allots him to be the Chief Minister, he isn't conscious of the hazardsin the future of him. In the middle of anassassinationeffort and a political slaughter, Vishwan will treasure trove his valuesverified time and again. Right from the minute the tributelabelsjump to roll, Janadhipan marks no expression of regret for its political angle. Written and directed by debutant Thanseer M.A, Janadhipan is an unbalancedadoration and PR workout of the ruling state government and its leading light. Janadhipan aggressivelycreatesorientations to the current day political performers. Just hold onto your eyes unwrapped and your politically mindfulportion of the brain open.

Janadhipan has Hareesh Peradi in his bestpart. The movie has its recurrentminutes of suspense and excitement. The movie includes more or lessdecent music, cheers to Mejo Joseph. But, the lyrics, not up to the expectation. Over and over again the moviedrives into an overdrive annoying to put emphasis on the organizationalaccomplishments of the present-day government. One discovers that the writer-director has drivencertainly hard with the roll Chief Minister to defend each and every fact the actual Chief Minister has been condemned for. And in this diligenthunt, the story is gone astray on the spectators. But that doesn't mean that the story doesn't yieldhigh and enormous twists and turns were overseasintellect and terror plans are all elaborate.

As well, the movie being little too over-the-top doesn't benefit the story one bit.Janadhipan is a political announcement, with its specificassortment of fact and fiction. It comes to be a covering up as a suspenseful story. There is excitement and suspense, but a lot of drama and a tiny bit of factual political mentions to flavour things up. Look it, but not short of a word of cautiousness.


  • Hareesh Peradi - Kannur Vishwan
  • Vinu Mohan - Anand
  • Hariprashanth MG - Gunda Saleem
  • Anil Nedumangad - Monichan
  • Sunil Sukhada - Bakkar
  • Kottayam Pradeep - Sivadasan
  • Tanuja Karthikaas Nadiya
  • Dinesh Panicker - Governor
  • Maala Parvathy - Kshema
  • Appunni Sasi - Rajan
  • Sreekumar - Venu Saghavu
  • Avinash Natarajan - Niranjan
  • Suresh Kurup - Suresh
  • Balachandran Chullikkad - Swamy
  • Vijayan Karanthoor - Hajiyaar
  • Dysp Rajkumar - DGP
  • Prakrithi - Arathy
  • Mahesh - Abdul
  • Rasheed - Nadiya's father
  • Firoz - journalist
  • Sreekumar Mullasery - advocate
  • Renjith Govindamangalam - Ani
  • Alex Vallikkunnam - opposition leader
  • Kalyaani - Varalekshmi
  • Sujith A.K - villager
  • Arunnath Palode - villager
  • Jose P Raphael - villager
  • Harish Pengan - villager
  • Thampanoor Sheriff - Commissioner


The motion picturecommenced production in January 2018.The music and background mark of the big screen is completed by Mejo Joseph, Sound systemCollaborating& Mastering prepared by Shiju Ediyatheril.