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Kuthoosi is an Indian Tamil Language action drama written and directed by Siva Sakthi. Actor Dileepanand Amala Rose Kurian take the central roles in the motion picture. Yogi Babu playssecondaryrole in the movie.The motion picture was out on 25 January 2019 conflicting with Charlie Chaplin 2 and Simba on the identicalday of the week and came up with mostly ordinaryanalyses from the censors.



The motion pictureturn around the sufferingsencountered by farmers who tussle to markimpression in their lives and to mark their ends happen. Vel (Dileepan) who bursts from Kalladakurichi isn't involved in his father's profession of agri-business and decides to settle down in the US. He getscash from his girlfriend (Amala) and drives to Chennai in hunt for anemployment. After tracking down anoccupation in an US centredcorporation in Chennai, he gets back to his community and conveys his parents about his ideas of captivating them too alongside with him. On the other hand his father's unexpecteddeparturehauls all of his ideas and far ahead he was forced and stressed by his mother and his girlfriend to take up his father's agri-business and to live up to his father's vision of spinning their plot into a rich one. On the other hand in this tracking down, he is enforced locks horns with a property-owner in his community who has been influentiallyinquiringagriculturalists to submit their plots to him.


Although the motion picture keeps an eye on a pattern that we have grasped in a lot of village-set movies, more or less of the parts and exchange of ideasaround the consequence of agri-businessearnround of applause.The film genre: Action.


A learnedyouthleaves his ideas of settling down in the US to improveagricultural science in his rural community, but faces hazard from a lot offolks.
  • Film Director:Siva Sakthi
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Dileepan and Amala Rose Kurian
  • Overall Rating:2/5
  • Film Certification:UA


Set contrary to a countrysideenvironment, 'Kuthoosi' turn around the sufferingsconfronted by agriculturalists who tussle to mark their ends meet. Vel (Dilipan), who comes from Kallakurichi, isn't involved in his father's profession, agriculture, and procedures to get settle down in US. He takescash from his girlfriend (Amala) and drives to Chennai in quest of anoccupation. After gaining a work in an US-based syndicate, he hails back to his community and states his parents around his tactics of taking them alongside with him. On the other hand, his father's abruptdepartureplunders all his ideas. Stressed by his mother and girlfriend, he proceeds up agriculture and chooses to mark his father's fantasy of revolving their property into a fruitful one. However in this tracking down, he is enforced locks horn with a proprietor in his rural community who has been persuasivelyprobingagriculturalists to capitulate their land to him.

Although the motion picturetrails a prototype that we have gotten in several village-set motion pictures, some of the extracts and conversations about the worth of agriculturejustifypraise. The well-organized fight structures are in effect and aid in constructing the necessary tension. The expressiveproportion, on the other hand, is in short supply. The lovehumour portions, too, almost not make any effect.

ArtistDileepanremarked for his enactment as the lad of Rajinikanth in Kaalamovie is contentedas his incompleteassignment Kuthoosi is at a final pointstriking the cinema halls. Sivasakthi, anex-associate of director Seenu Ramasamy, has shown his individuality with this movie that talks aroundagriculturalists and has a greaternote.

"Agricultural science is the strength of our republic. The motion picturevows that biologicalagriculture and natural fertilizersought to be used in crop growing. It conveys a note that educated people not running after white collared professions should come back to agricultural science. By what means our hero Dileepan battles with those who need to put an end toagri-business for their personalprofit and refurbish agricultural carry out in the rural community forms the bottom line." Amala who was past seen in Oru Kanavu Pola is combined with Dileepan.


  • Dileepan shown as Vel
  • Amala Rose Kurian
  • Yogi Babu


The motion picture is founded on biologicalagri-business.The approvedpreview of the motion picture was made public on 18 June 2018. All tracks are cool, calm and collected by N. Kannan.