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Mikhael is anIndian Malayalam language action thriller movie written and directed by Haneef Adeni that got released on 18 January 2019. Nivin Pauly takes the central role. Gopi Sundar was signed as the music director of the movie.



The screenplayturnsabout the personality Dr. John Michael enacted by Nivin Pauly. George Peter (Siddique) is a gang don centred in gold trade. In attendance is a contentionto occur amid George and Michael family. Michael has to look after his household from George and his menfolk. By what means he drives around is the plotline.


The minute a revengeful man with illegitimateconnections starts chasing down his people, Dr. Mikhael swears to look after them and overwhelm his foe.The film genre: Thriller


The movie, Mikhael is a family thriller drama which progressesamongst two families. Mike (Nivin Pauly) is a caretaker of his household and how safeguards his dearly loved sister from a family disputeprocedures the bottom line of the story.
  • Film Director: HaneefAdeni
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Nivin Pauly, Unni Mukundan, Manjima Mohan, Reba Monica John and Siddique
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5
  • Film Certification: UA


There's a 'The Great Father' like sensespeckledentirely over Mikhael - both are rapt by Haneef Adeni. The movie, right from the kick-off, is aware that it is made-up to contribute Nivin Pauly that Don't-mess-with-me starcharm at every singleopportunity and attempts to be a take-off vehicle for his affable action hero standing in Malayalam.Gangster-businessman George (Siddique)'s lad Gerard (Parava fame Amal) encountersone and only his schoolmates, a girl, for a karate fight. Things don't drive as prearranged and the disputetwistsaway from their control and the walls of the graduate school, youngsters' sense of self and parents' uncertainties.

Just as in Adeni's formerflick, high-class cars, hoodie-wearing charismas, formal get-ups, slow-motion structures, sunspecs, expensive watches and concoctioncostume jewellery are what did you sayblock up the sections one after the other. There is an adequate amount for the enthusiastic fans of Nivin Pauly and supplementaryartists to applaud. Punch lines subsequently are lined up in a piece of the parts. Siddique aspects his loom best as George. The concludingbattlestructure, however a whilelengthy and ridiculousdespite the fact that the audiences get to lookout it, in all probabilitybring to mind some thrill as a littleattention-grabbingparticulars about it get exposedon the road to the climax. At the same point, by the initialpart itself, the full picture for the proceedings yet to reveal are more or less clear and those waiting to be shown post intervalscarcelyinduce any thrill as they thrash out. The extensive second half is all around waiting to perceive what the entire hero catches to do to the anti-heroes, to penalize them.

Nivin Pauly has solemnly tried to apt into the starring role of a roundhouse strike out, surgical-knife-wielding Dr Micheal John, but he barelystares the portion, be it as the MBBS scholar Micheal or the ultimate hero that he turn out to be. The fight structureslook as ifobligatory, the conveyance of the lines non-natural and his chic of implementing justice, lacking any thrill. One of the parts in which he give details to his 'victim' how he would perish, is to a certain extentalike to one more in 22 Female Kottayam. Unni Mukundan looks upright. Some of his evidently punch-filled outlines are also wishy-washy. There is also slightconcern for reason in a lot of scenes.


  • Nivin Pauly - Dr. Michael John
  • Unni Mukundan - Marco Jr.
  • Manjima Mohan - Dr. Mary
  • Reba Monica John - Anna
  • Sudev Nair - Francis Davi
  • Babu Antony - John (Father of Michael)
  • Siddique - George Peter
  • Suraj Venjaramood - Issac
  • Kalabhavan Shajon - Patrick
  • Ashokan - Antony
  • Baiju - Dr. Cherian
  • J. D. Chakravarthy - Muhammad Easa
  • Jayaprakash - William
  • Kishore - N.Sreenivasan
  • Shanthikrishna - Ancy
  • K. P. A. C. Lalitha - Mariam
  • V. K. Prakash - Phsychiatrist
  • Amal Shah - Jerald
  • Vishnu Premkumar - SI Philip Kora
  • Navani Devanand - Jenni Aka Jennifer
  • Sakhil Sajeevan - Karate student
  • Balaji - Karate Teacher


Mikhael is the subsequent directorial project of Haneef Adeni. The movie was produced by Anto Joseph underneath the outstanding Anto Joseph Film Company. The movie was declared on 12 July 2018.The pooja gathering was conducted in Kochi on 4 September, with principal photography commencementon the identical day. The movie features tunesself-possessed by Gopi Sundar.