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Peranbu is an Indian Tamil Language film written and directed by Ram that got released on 1 February 2019. Mammootty, Anjali, Sadhana and Anjali Ameer take the central role of the flick. The movie has also been made in Malayalam language. The motion picture was produced by P. L. Thenappan.



The movie Peranbu' is reallya story based on the life of Amudhavan (Mammootty) and his bursting daughter Paapa (Thangameengal Sadhana). Due to the severerealisms of life Amudhavan has to upkeep for his psychologically and physically challenged offspringon his own and what marks it inferior is that she misses her mammagreatly and cannot tie with her dad. Incompetent to live peaceably in society the father and daughter transfer into a private house in Kodaikanal and fair as they get close by to one another the girl reachessexual maturity and a female Vijayalakshmi (Anjali) arrivesin their lives. An unanticipatedshot of actionstoss them back to the tangiblebush of Chennai and existenceconverts too hard as the girl practices nature's decrees. What occurssubsequent is expressed in a distinctive and fascinatingway leading to anattractive climax that will remain in your retentions for long.


A solo father attempts to nurture his daughter, who has intellectual palsy, even as she is opening to rouse up to her sexuality. The film genre: Drama.


The motion picture is about a father who attempts to appreciate the tussles of his incapacitated daughter. The planhighpoints the passage of how he develops a restored man while he comes to terms with his kid and her distinctiverequirements.
  • Film Director: Ram
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Mammootty, Anjali, Sadhana and Anjali Ameer
  • Overall Rating:4.0/5
  • Film Certification:UA


When the motion picturecommences, we grasp Amudhavan shifting into a house by this lake with his offspring, Paapa (Sadhana), a paroxysmalkid. His partner has goneaway with another fellow, and he is required to take care ofhisoffspring. Even hetries to link with her; he recognises that Paapa desires a female company, particularlyas the young girl is rousing up to her sexuality. Right from his introductionmovie, Kattradhu Tamizh, Ram's characters have been blemishedfolksinvolved in a conflict with civilization one way or the other. In Peranbu, Amudhavan is unsatisfied that civilization will not permit his incapacitated daughter to be in its middle, and takes her with him to a homedetached from socialcollaboration. And when they are enforced to come back to the town, he has to deal with the benchmarks with which civilizationstares at a distinctive child.Peranbu is jam-packed with emotionalinstants.

We also acquire black humouras soon as Amudhavan ends up welcoming a fellow to his house not understanding that the female he is living with is essentially the man' spartner. With his excellently nuanced representation, Mammootty placescrossways the purefeebleness of Amudhavan. In a character that could have effortlessly become a travesty, Sadhana strikes anacceptableequilibrium between being attractive and delicate. In a complicatedpart, Anjali marks us sympathise with her appealhowever debutant Anjali Ameer marks Meera a remarkable one.The technical team also derives up with their greatest. Yuvan's marksensations the right passionaterecords while Theni Eswar comes up with pictures that brilliantlysupplement the story.


  • Mammooty shown as Amudhavan
  • Anjali Ameer shown as Meera
  • Sadhana shown as Paapa
  • Anjalishownas Viji
  • Samuthirakani shown as doctor Dhanapal
  • Vadivukkarasi shown as Amudhavan's mama
  • Livingston shown as House landlord
  • Aruldoss
  • Paval Navag shown as Babu


Ram advanced the screenplay with Mammootty in concentration six years before he described it to the artistthru early 2015. After P. L. Thenappan was engaged on to produce the motion picturebeneath his exceptional Shree Raajalakshmi Films, and Anjali was selected for the lady lead, Ram publicized the name Peranbu to the motion picture in January 2016. Primarycinematography of the film began on 6 January 2016 in Kodaikanal. Yuvan Shankar Raja cool, calm and collected all the tunes for the film.

The sound effects album and picturemark are self-possessed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.The audio came out on 15 July 2018 at the Kalaivanar Arangam hall, Chennai. It gotencouragingretort.The Asian debut of the motion picture was at the 21st Shanghai International Film Carnival, China on 17 June 2018.The movie made its world debut at the 47th International Film Carnival Rotterdam, Netherlands on 27 January 2018.