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Fraud Saiyaan is an Indian Hindi Language comedy drama movie directed by Sourabh Shrivastava and presented by Prakash Jha that got released on 18 January 2019. The film was manufactured by Disha Jha and Kanishk Gangwal. Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla and Sara Loren take the central role of the film. The secondarygroup of actorsconsist of Deepali Pansare, Flora Saini and Nivedita Tiwari.

Fraud Saiyaan


Bhola Prasad Tripathi (Arshad Warsi) is a scamillustrator in North India who get married 13 times and is contented to live-off ladies who look as if to want sindoor and 'satisfaction' in that order. He, in turn, needs their prosperity. This in sequencemurdererdrives from Lucknow to Varanasi, cheerfully marrying femalesend to end, every now and then siring a teenager but he doesn't get trapped. Of course, his good luck runs out as soon as he gets a call from a daku (criminal), Chanda (Bhavna Pani), who looms him with awfulsignificances if he doesn't put right his ways and become peaceful with her.


Fraud Saiyaan is the story of a con artist in North India who convinces women to marry him just so he can live off their money. The film genre: Comedy.


Irrespective of whether you relish con-man stories or you're anadmirer of Arshad's comedic abilities, 'Fraud Saiyyan' is not the type of motion picture that you ought todevote your time and exertion on.
  • Film Director: Sourabh Shrivastava
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Arshad Warsi, Sara Loren and Flora Saini
  • Overall Rating:1.0/5
  • Film Certification:UA


Addressing from North India, Bhola is a well up inshady dealperformer who be able to tie the knotfor 13 dissimilarfemales, just so that he possibly will live-off their currency, deprived of having to labour for his particular self. The motion picture, in immoralsense of taste, decreasesfemales to sheerbits and pieces; where they are over and over againanticipated as dumb and sex-deprived individuals in this ridiculousentertainment. An artist of Arshad Warsi's competenceoughtto almost certainly not feature in a deterioratingmotion picture like this.

The screenplaywrecks right at the commencement and under no circumstancescome to bein back on roadway. The females are, like it's been pointed outin advance, unconditionalbraces in the motion picture, exposed in the utmostoffensivemeans. Even though Arshad Warsi is hilarious as all the time, but with anuninspiringplot at hand, even he can't protect the cataclysm that is 'Fraud Saiyaan'. Irrespective of whether you delight in con-man stories or you're a devotee of Arshad's comedic aptitudes, 'Fraud Saiyyan' is not the type of big screen that you would want todevote your time and struggle on.


  • Arshad Warsi referred to as Bhola Prasad Tripathi
  • Saurabh Shukla referred to as Murari Chaurasia
  • Flora Saini referred to as Shraddha
  • Sara Loren referred to as Payal
  • Varun Badola referred to as Badri
  • Deepali Pansare reffered to as Sunita
  • Nivedita Tiwari reffered to as Mala Dubey
  • Peeyush Suhaney reffered to as Dulare
  • Preeti Sood reffered to as Preeti
  • Parag Tyagi reffered to as Chandani's Husband
  • Anangsha Biswas reffered to as Astha
  • Amanda Rosario (item number "Ladies Paan")
  • Elli Avram reffered to as Chandani (item number "Chamma Chamma")
Fraud Saiyaan


Foremostcameraworkbegan in October 2014 and it gotfinished by 20 December. The promo of the motion picture was on the rampage on 27 December 2018, open-handing the release date as 18 January 2019. The motion picture has acknowledged negative comeback from censors. The motion picture collected ?52 Lakhs in the initial week and has miscarried to influenceviewers. The music composition of the big screen has been cool, calm and collected by Sohail Sen and Kumaar has hold in the lyrics. The track "Chamma Chamma" which brings out Elli Avram is a re-formedtrack from 1998 motion picture China Gate which at firsthighlighted Urmila Matondkar.

The motion picture was taken in many locations. Shooting locations consist of Obedullaganj, Raisen, Bhopal and Mumbai. The fine artof the motion picture has been brought about by Udai Prakash Singh.The motion picture was dramaticallyon the rampage on 18 January 2019.