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Sigai is an Indian Tamil Language drama film directed by Jagadeesan Subu. The motion picture was out on ZEE5 on the 9th January 2019 in arrears to failing to have a stage release. The motion picture has Kathir in the chiefstarring role. The film is set in Anna Nagar and portrayshappenings that occur in one day.In this film Kathir shows a character of a transgender, and an NRI who infrequentlymove toward to India to meet his school pal. His greed and close byrelationship with his pal is the reason of a key accident which takes the lifetime of two acquittedpersons. The storyline is exceedinglyfascinating and describes the love, desire and life of the third sexual category. Kathir sensesextremelydepressed when his close pal looks for friendship with other woman, disregarding his feelings.



Kathir pieces a fellow who has come to India after his studies inoverseas. His appeal has diverse shades, of which the girlish side is the highpoint. There is a societalnote in the movie, too. The significanttopic of this film is around "Transgenders", their sentiments, their glitches and how do they pact with all of these in the civilization.The motion picture starts when a pimp is demanding to discover a call girl to direct to his steadyclient. He pursues the assistance from his pal who is a pimp too. They were surprised to discover that the call girl has not reverted from the client, and dive into act to look for the lost girl. Then the director reveals all the anonymitiesamidnumerous characters involved in the movie.


The movie is a watchable crime novel, with an unanticipated turn of proceedings, held by pleasantenactments with asignificantnote.The film genre: Thriller Drama.


The unacceptable part with Sigai is that it senses like two dissimilarmoviesinterlaced into one, however Jagadeesan Subu appearsperfectaround what he was to convey to the spectators.
  • Film Director:Jagadeesan Subu
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Kathir, Meera Nair and Raj Barath
  • Overall Rating:2.8/5
  • Film Certification:UA


You are hosted with Prasad (Raj Bharat), who is on a telephone call. He is fair, big and muscular. He expresses sensitively and is kind-hearted to transgender people, moreover the females he directs out to work. On the other, whilesomebodyprobes why she was rewarded lesser this time, he utters, "Her age is growing". At initialvision, you can't measure if Prasad is noble or wicked. However you recognize he is not the consistentlurid pimp depicted in movies.

In the primary part, the director leads you into the life style of Nimmi (Meera Nair), a sex operative, Prasad and Chetta. Nimmi is somebody who doesn't even notice having the cigarette scorches on her physique if she acquires decent cash. There is a section where she views a talk show on TV, and the swarm light-heartedly utters, "Men get further good-looking once they hit the forties."

As for Chetta, he doesn't pile his links on the mobile; but inscribes them down on the address paperback in his own language Malayalam. Jagadeesan Subu forms those tiny particulars and marks you understand with each of his roles. While Nimmi goes lost, Prasad starts questioning around her locations. We are presented how Prasad senses shamefaced when he understands he sets countless females at threat. The story commences from thereon. Certain sections are reported gorgeously. You don't perceive Mathivanan (Kathir) in the initial part; however as a transgender individual, he preserves the succeedingpart.

In what manner the lives of Nimmi, Mathivanan and Prasad interconnect procedures the basis of the picture. The difficult part with Sigai is that it senses like two dissimilar movies intertwined into one. It is obvious that the movie was shot 2 years back, and it does nag you here and there. The script wasn't considerable enough for the reason that it lacked genuineness. The filmmaker has encumbered his storyline with pigeon-holes.


  • Kathir shown as Mathivanan
  • Meera Nair shown as Nirmala
  • Raj Barath shown as Prasath
  • Riythvika shown as Buvana
  • Mayilsamy shown as Subramani
  • Rajesh Sarma shown as Chetta
  • Mal Maruga shown as Santhosh
  • Brila Boss shown as Prem
  • Vishalini shown as Prem's spouse
  • Muthukumar shown as Manager
  • Kani Venkatesh shown as suspect


Kathir exposed he had to withstandsufferings while putting on prosthetic make up to appear like a female. The motion picture was marked off at All Lights India International Film Carnival.