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Simba is an Indian Tamil Language stoner comedy film written and directed by Arvind Sridhar that got released on 25 January 2019. Bharath, Premgi Amaren, Swathi Deekshith and Bhanu Sri Mehra take the central roles, whereas Ramana takes a subsidiarycharacter. The motion picture features tuneself-possessed by Vishal Chandrasekhar.



The movie Simba is around the lifetime of Mahesh (Bharath), a discouraged IT member, who is on drugs continuously and his affiliation with Simba (Premgi). He drops in love with his area girl, and what effectthese drugs ought to be in his love life procedures the rest of the design. Simba is imaginative with its handling and abundantpraises to first appearance director Arvind Sridhar for conveying a movie of this elegance. The originality is continued for the maximumportion of the flick.


A stoner, Mahesh, centrals anisolated life up until his fellow citizen Madhu contacts him to take care of her dog, anInordinate Dane, so-called Simba. On the other hand, proceedings take anuproarious turn as soon as Mahesh, under the impact of drugs, complicates Simba for a human being and attempts to flatter Madhu through Simba's support. The film genre: Black Comedy Thriller.


If you can become accustomed to the eccentrictemper of the movie, you might discover Simba to be a thought-provoking watch. Dog devotees will have anenhancedbond with the movie. However the picture's idea is that of an unvarying love layer, the handling is to a certain extentaltered from the conventionalmovies. In the meantime, Simba also has relatively a small number ofbreakdowns in the formula of needless characters.
  • Film Director: Arvind Sridhar
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Bharath, Premji Amaron and Swathi Deekshit
  • Overall Rating: 2.5/5
  • Film Certification:U


The movie Simba, which is portrayed as Tamil cinema's initial stoner entertainment, turnsabout Mahesh (Bharath), a drug head who centrals a deserted life. It is this intention, the motion picture tells us thathavecurved him in the direction of drugs - for on the spot dopamine hit. One Sunday, as soon as Mahesh has taken a 'hit', his fellow citizen Madhu (Bhanu Sri Mehra) demands him to take care of her domestic Great Dane, Simba. To Mahesh, who is underneath the impact of the drug, Simba (Premgi Amaren) look as if a person. The rest of the flick is all around how Mahesh ties with Simba and in what manner they attempt to mark Madhu drop in love with him.

As a stoner movie, Simba is thought-provokingas soon as it commences. By means of PoV shots, unexpected cuts and shuddering music, director Arvind Sridhar attempts to get us into the headspace of a stoner and delivers the bewilderment and phantasm that drug headssense. One specificfilmic of the staffs in Mahesh's office like cooped-up hens marks for aninordinate sight shaggy dog story. These illustrationsaid get us to promptlyaccept into the movie' strick of a man outfitted up as a dog. But then again just like a stoner who missesway of possessions, the moviestarts to go off track.

Portion of the problem is that the plan is too squeaky, and so, very frequently the moviebear a resemblance to a short flickoverextended into a feature-length flick. The risk factors are so low-slung, and the characters and the sub-plots are barelyattention-grabbing. Madhu is scarcelyestablished as a character, so we are on no occasioncapitalized in Mahesh's amorousness. We are left only with just a one or two of positives, similar to the eccentricity of dog's communication in the vocal sound of artists like Raghuvaran, VS Raghavan, Shiva, K Bhagyaraj, Suruli Rajan, and Jai.

Director Arvind Sridhar's imaginativescript doesn't entirelyreproduce on the big screen;all the same he ensures a reasonablework to an extent. Obligating aninnovative one line in the hand, the director could have discovered a newer and exhilaratingfoundation, than decide on to travel on the strained and experienced romance genre. With additionalconcentration in the sentiments, the completesensation of the movie would have accomplishedwholeness.


  • Bharath - Mahesh
  • Premgi Amaren - Simba
  • Bhanu Sri Mehra - Madhu
  • Swathi Deekshith
  • Ramana
  • Swetha Ashok


Even though production was finalized in 2016, the picture was overdue as a consequence of post-production workings and non-availability of displays. A teaser preview was on the rampage in October 2017, whereas a following teaser was far along released in October 2018.After anextendedstay, the movie was released on 25 January 2019. A particular track 'Pinjula Pinjula' hummed by actor Silambarasan was on the loose on 6 August 2016, in advanceto the issue of the complete album.