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Uyare is a 2019 Indian Malayalam language drama film directed by Manu Ashokan. It was released on 26 April, 2019. Parvathy, Asif Ali and Tovino Thomas are in lead roles. The film was produced by the sister-trio.



Pallavi Raveendran is an aspiring pilot and is in love with Govind, who is highly possessive about her. She gets into an aviation academy with dreams to fly high. Will she manage to balance her relationship and her dreams.


The film genre: Drama | Romance


  • Film Director:Manu Ashokan
  • Lead Cast of the Film: Parvathy
  • Overall Rating : 4/5
  • Film Certification : U


Pallavi Raveendran has dreams of becoming a pilot since her school days. She gets admission in aviation academy for her graduation. She is in love with Govind who is highly possessive of her. She discusses with Govind about her dream. She joins in an academy and she performs well towards her dream. At the same time she also struggles with Govind for his possessive nature.

Govind get disappointed from Pallavi and takes the revenge. He attacks her with acid and her dreams come under trial. Then her pilot license gets cancelled. Then Pallavi comes out from the acid attack and faces the problems for her dream.


  • Parvathy– Pallavi Raveendran
  • Evelin – Young Pallavi Raveendran
  • Asif Ali – Govind Balakrishnan
  • Tovino Thomas – Vishal Rajashekharan
  • Siddique – Raveendran (Pallavi's Father)
  • Anarkali Marikar – Sariya D Costa
  • Samyuktha Menon–Tessa(Cameo appearance)
  • Pratap K. Pothen - Air traffic controller
  • Prem Prakash - Govind's father
  • Rajani Murali - Govind's Mother
  • Bhagath Manuel - Pallavi's brother in law
  • Sreeram Ramachandran – Deepak
  • Mathew Arun - Avinash (Cameo appearance)
  • V.K.Baiju - Public prosecutor
  • Preetha Pradeep - Pallavi's Sister
  • Kay Kay Menon – Coach
  • Ajay Menon – Pilot


It was produced by sister-trio. WAs directed by debutant Manu Ashokan and from a story by Bobby-Sanjay . Gopi Sundar was engaged as the music composer.