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Amba Mata mandir which is located in Junagadh in Gujarat is one of the very ancient temples of India. It is situated at the top of the Girnar Mountain. The Girnar Mountain is one of the impotent pilgrimage sit of Junagadh, which is itself a very picturesque town of India. Amba Mata is a very highly sublime pilgrimage center for the Hindus. The temple attracts more than thousands of pilgrims from all parts of the country, throughout the year.

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The Temple of Amba Mata in Junagadh is dedicated to an incarnation of the mother Goddess Amba. The temple here is mainly visited by newly wedded couples. Couples come here to take the blessings of the Goddess and also secure the eternal conjugal bliss. The construction of this Temple in Gujarat was during the period of 12th century. The Temple has the wonderful view of the down town on the Girnar Mountain.

Significance of the temple
The Goddess Amba is being mostly worshiped by the deities of pre-Aryan race. In this mountain one can find imprinted footsteps of Goddess. There are also imprints of her chariot which were seen here before when the Amba Mata Temple of Junagadh was constructed. According to legends about the temple the tonsure ceremony of Lord Krishna did take place in this religious site. A golden yantra exist in the Amba Mata Temple with 51 'shlokas' on it and in the courtyard of the temple premises the folk drama called 'Bhavai' is performed.

Amba Mata Temple
Ambaji (Banaskantha district) is the seat and dedication to Ambe Mata, the mother goddess. Devotees here pay honor to her during Navratri with song and dance. Navratri festival in Gujarat is comparable as the worship of Saraswati in Bengal. Ambe Mata is considered as the Adya Shakti- the primordial female power the mother goddess. The Ambaji temple does not cannot an idol it has only a yantra engraved in a niche and the shrine is made of marble. Large number of devotees here visits during the Purnima fairs held on the full moon day of Kartik, Chaitra, and Bhadrapad and also Navratri is celebrated on a grand scale here. Ambaji is one among the 64 Shakti Piths. The Shakti Piths are engraved at those places where the pieces of Sati's body fell.

It came about this way. Lord Shiv's father-in-law Daksha Prajapati felt very much insulted when the son-in-law did not stand up to receive him.

In order to slight him he organized ayagna and did not invite Shiv.Sati went to the yagna uninvited. She too felt slighted when people failed to take note of her presence. According to Puranas she fell into the sacrificial fire. Shiv picked up her body and rushed about in great grief. Vishnu had to intervene. He cut up the body with his discus, so that Shiv may regain his composure. According to tradition one of the pieces fell at Ambaji. A short distance from Ambaji is the Gabbar Hill. It is said that the goddess revealed herself on the Hill and left her footprints.

Time to Visit
The Ambe Mata temple is open from 7 AM to 4 PM and 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM. Devotees visit this temple in large numbers every year especially on Purnima days. Bhadrapadi Purnima is the being regarded as the main festival when a big fair of devotees comes at Ambaji.

Other places to Visit
Koteshwar Temple
Koteshwar Temple Koteshwar Mahadev Temple can be fetched in the dense regions, 8 km from Ambaji Temple. It is Constructed on the originated source of Saraswati River, this ancient temple lets you glimpses of sacred ruins with a holy kund.
Kailash Tekari
A beautiful, quondam Shivalaya, Kailash Tekari is located on a high altitude near Ambaji Temple. The temple is frequently visited by pilgrims and devotees who visit Ambaji Temple as it is too close to the shrine area.Kailash Tekari
Someshwar Mahadev & Chamunda Math
Just 1 km away from Kumbharia Jain Temple in the village of Jetwas village of Danta Taluka, there is an ancient place of Someshawar Mahadev which is also on the water spring. Just adjacent to this temple is located Chamunda Math.

Richhadia Mahadev & Richhadia Dam
Sprawling on the site of a Dam, Richhadia Mahadeva Temple is an undoubtedly a place of tourist's attraction. A Shivalaya on the banks of Astakoni Vav dots the place in consecration.

Kumbheshwar Mahadev
Kumbheshawar Mahadev Temple built near Kumbharia Jain is sui generis architectural marvel that has been built on Vaastu principles, the ancient Indian Science of Architecture. There are wonderful architectural pieces with idols Ling of Ashutosh, Jaladhari and Shivalinga.

Near by tourist places to Amba Mata Temple

Mount Abu
Amba Mata Temple

Mount Abu
In the lap of Aravallis, Mount Abu is a serene place, and has served as a site for meditation of great saints and seers of India.Located in backyard of Ambaji, this mountainous beauty is a treasure trove of natural attractions such as Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temple, head Quarters of Bramhakumari Foundations etc.

How to reach the Temple
  • Through Air the nearest airport is located at Ahmedabad approximately 179 kms.

  • Through Road the Ambaji. Palanpur is 144 kms.

  • Through Railways the Ahmedabad Ambaji is 179 kms. By road from Ahmedabad. From Ambaji. The nearest railhead to is Palanpur located 60 kms.