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Baladeva Temple is located about 18 km southeast of Mathura which is one of the ancient temples in Uttar Pradesh. The Deity worshipped here is idol of Balarama, Lord Krishna's brother, which is believed to be installed around 5000 years ago around 1535 AD.

Significance of the temple
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The deity which is installed by Vajranabha has huge eyes and is black in color. The right hand is in raised position and a cup full of a drink which is called Varuni is placed in the left hand. This is a two-meter idol which is considered the biggest in Braja Mandal. The town of Mathura city derives all its celebrity from this temple of Balaram or Baladev, Krishna's elder brother. Despite it 's popularity among Hindus, the deity is neither handsome nor well-appointed.

The temple is built by Seth Shiam Das of Delhi, which stands at the back of one inner court, and on each of the temple there are three disengaged sides having an arcade of three bays with broad flanking piers. On each of these three sides there lies a door which gives access to the calla, one surmounted by a squat pyramidal tower. Apart from the principal figure, Baladeva, which is generally very much dressed and bedizened with jewels, it contains another life-sized statue, supposed to represent his wife Revati. In an adjoining court of the temple is shown in the small vaulted chamber which serves as a residence to the God after his epiphany. The precincts of this temple include eleven cloistered quadrangles, where the accommodation is provided for pilgrims and the resident priests.

Baladev Dauji Temple
Each court, or kunj as it is called, bears the name of its founder as follows:-the Kunj of Rashk Lal of Agra and Lucknow, 1817 A.D.; of Bachharaj, Bania, of Hathras, 1825; of Nawal Karan, Bania, of Agra, 1768; of Bhim Sen and Hulas Rai, Banias, of Muttra, 1828; of Das Mal, Khattri, of Agra, 1801; of Bhattacharya of Jaipur, 1794; of Gopal, Brahman, of Jaipur; of Chiman Lal, of Muttra, 1778; of Jadu Ram, Khattri, of Agra, 1768; of Chunna, Halwai, of Bharatpur, 1808; and of Puran Chand, Pachauri, of Mahavan, 1801. Adjoining the Baladev temple is a brick built tank, over 80 yards square, called as Kshir Sagar, which is the "Sea of Milk," Kshir Kund, or Balbhadra Kund. The Sea is in a dilapidated condition, and the surface of the water is always covered with a thick green scum. However, it does not make the pilgrims hesitate to either drink or bathe in it.

Baladev Dauji Temple Significance
Here it is said that Gosain Gokul Nath was warned in a vision that a god lay concealed. Immediate search was made, and the statue of Baladeva, that has ever since been regarded as the tutelary divinity of the place, was revealed to the adoring gaze of the assembled multitude.Attempts were made to remove it to Gokul; but as every cart broke down, either from the weight of the stone or the reluctance of the god to change his abode, a shrine was erected for his reception on the spot, and an Ahivasi of Bhartiya, by name Kalyan, was constituted guardian.

Time to Visit
The Baladev Temple Timings for Darshan are 7 am to 12.30 pm, 3 to 4 pm, and 6 to 9 pm.

Other places to Visit
Ksira Sagar Kunda (Balabhadra Kunda) is belived to be constructed by the residents of Braja, when they filled it with the milk from 100,000 cows as an offering to Balarama.

Accommodation Facilities at the Temple

Vrindavan does not have high quality hotels. However, it has nearly 200 dharamsalas with simple accommodation for pilgrim which are clean and affordable. ISKCON Guesthouse and MVT are the accommodation places provided by ISKCON and there are appearing new accommodations of hotel type all over Vrindavan every year. Nearby tourist places to Baladev Dauji Temple





How to reach the Temple
  • The temple is 25km southeast of Mathura, on the other side of the river. It can be visited at the same time while going to Gokula or Raval. It takes about an hour and fifteen-minute drive from Vrindavana. The city has its own railway station and the Agra Kheria Airport is located about 60 km from here. The bus stand is located near Hotel Mansarovar Palace. Bus service from Mathura to Delhi (3 hours) and Agra (1 hour) is really very good.

  • Mathura railway station is located south of the new bus stand and even Mathura is well connected by train with Agra (1 hour), Bharatpur, Sawai Madhopur and Kota. The Taj Express runs daily between Mathura to Delhi (about 2 hours). A meter-gauge line connects Vrindavan to Mathura. Three local trains leave Mathura Junction each day (6.30 am, 3.40 pm and 7.40 pm) for the station in the south of Vrindavan.

  • Though Vrindavan itself is a railway station, the major railway station nearby is Mathura on the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai main line. Several express trains connect Mathura to other major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Agra.