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Chattarpur Mandir is located at a distance of approximately 4 km from the famous Qutab Minar in the Mehrauli area of Delhi. It is a beautiful monument which is built in both the South Indian as well as North Indian style of architecture. The temple is made of immaculate white marble and sprawls over a large area with beautifully manicured lawns and gardens. The main goddess woshsipped in Delhi, Chattarpur Mandir is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is built in the South Indian style. There are a number of other shrines also in the temple complex, dedicated to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha.

History of the Temple
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The History of Chatturpur Mandir blends as the birth of Katyayani who is the sixth form of incarnation of Ma Durga and has got an interesting story behind it. Once upon a time Ma Durga was born to Sage Katyaya who worshipped her and underwent severe penance to be granted the boon of being her father for sometime.

Maa Durga was then sent to earth by the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and in this avatar of Katyayani, daughter of Katyaya, that she destroyed the demon Mahishasur. After she killed him her fierce persona got another name of Mahishasurmardini or the one who killed Mahishasur. She is very often depicted with flowing hair, fierce expressions and golden complexion in this form, used commonly in Durga Puja.

Chattarpur Mandir
It is said that tying a holy thread or a bangle on the Kalpavriksha tree (also called Baobab tree/ Adonsonia digitata) fulfills your wish. You must come after your wish fulfillment to untie the thread or the bangle.

The Chattarpur Temple remains crowded during most days of the year, but exceptional crowd of devotees would be seen during Durga Puja and Navaratri. Moreover, during Navratris as many as 10 million people or more reach here from far and wide with great devotion to take a glimpse of the deity, to pray, and to fulfill their wishes. This is the time of the year when special bus services are provided to the devotees to make it easy for them to reach Chattarpur Temple.The Chattarpur Mandir is also named as Shree Adya Katyayani Shaktipeeth Mandir. As per Hindu customs, before entering the temple, it is mandatory to take off one's shoes and wash their hands and feet.

Significance of the templee
The Chatturpur Mandir is a characteristic example of modern temple architecture; it attracts a large number of devotees, especially at the time of Navratras and Durga Puja. During these periods, it gets difficult to even have a glimpse of the deity. People at the temple start gathering in the early morning to ensure that they get Darshan. For the devotees of Goddess Durga, Delhi Chatarpur temple holds great reverence. Chattarpur Mandir is located beyond the Qutb Minar in Mehrauli. The temple dedicated to Goddess Durga, is built in South Indian style.

Chattarpur Mandir Significance
The temple complex is spread over a large area with beautiful lawns and gardens. Though devotees visit these temples throughout the year, the main attraction comes during the Navarathri festival, when devotees come from far and near. During this time, there are special bus services provided to the devotees.

On Durga Puja, the devotees can see the never-ending queues of waiting patiently for their turn to ask for the blessings of the Goddess. Prayers and sermons are conducted in the temple 24 hours a day. Anybody can participate in these spiritual meetings, any time. The beauty of the complex is highlighted by the lush green gardens in the area. There are also a number of temples inside the complex, dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses, like Vishnu, Ganesha, Lakshmi and Shiva.

Time to Visit
The Temple is open on all days. Preferably it is good to make your presence during the Morning and evening aarti (prayer) time. The temple observes regular rituals and as prayers are offered round the clock, one can worship here at any hour of the day. Prayers and discourses are the regular feature of the temple, which can be attended by anybody. However, the festival of Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm and the whole temple is very beautifully decorated.

Accommodation Facilities at the Temple
Near the temple there are thousands of hotels so, accommodation would not be a problem for devotees. Some of the best hotels which provide comfort and luxury to the visitors coming to New Delhi are the Ashoka hotel in the heart of the city, the Centaur Hotel near the airport and Holiday inn Crown plaza in Connaught Plaza and the Hyatt Regency. All of these hotels are star category hotels and provides good services. Budget Hotels are available in Karol Bagh and Paharganj areas of Delhi.

Other places to Visit

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Chatturpur Mandir

Gauri Shankar temple - is dominated by its eight-hundred-year-old lingam and is Delhi's holiest Shiva temple. Devotees here in temple enter up a narrow flight of marble steps, flanked by pillars carved with chains and bells, that open onto a spacious courtyard, always a scene of animated devotional activity. Inside, offerings for sale include bilva (wood apple) leaves, chandan (sandalwood paste), marigolds, red powder, rice, and cotton threads.

Aurobindo Ashram - is at Aurobindo Marg which is a centre for yoga and meditation. The main ashram is at Pondicherry. Products like handmade paper, incense sticks, etc. are available here.

Digambara Jain temple - is the oldest Jain temple, directly opposite the entrance to the Red Fort, at the east end of Chandni Chowk, which was build in 1526, the antechambers surrounding the main shrine to Parshvanath, the twenty-third tirthankara. You'll have to remove your shoes, and hand them over with your bags and all leather articles to a kiosk before entering.

How to Reach the Temple
By Air: To reach the Temple by Air- Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport is connected to all the important cities of the world with almost all the major international airlines operating out of here. While the Palam Domestic Airport connects Delhi to the major cities in India.
By Rail: For travelling through Indian Railway with their modern and organized network connects Delhi to all major and minor destinations in India. The city has three major railway stations at New Delhi, Old New Delhi, and Nizamuddin. Luxury trains like the Palace-on-Wheels, Fairy Queen, and Royal Orient Express can be taken from New Delhi Cantonment railway station. Rajdhani Express trains connect New Delhi to the state capitals. Shatabdi Express trains run all over New Delhi to the neighboring cities.
By Road: Even by Road Delhi is well connected to all the major cities of India by a network of highways and roads. Buses are available at the three Inter State Bus Terminuses (ISBT), at Kashmere Gate, Sarai Kale Khan and Anand Vihar, as well as many starting points in and around the city, from which various state-managed and privately run transport facilities like airconditioned, deluxe and ordinary coaches operate.
Best way to travel in Delhi - For travel in Delhi there are buses, the Metro train, auto-rickshaws and cycle- rickshaws.The recently introduced Delhi Metro railway line is a convenient and efficient mode of transport connecting all major places within the city.