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Mata Chintapurni Temple in Himachal Pradesh is dedicated to Mata Chintpurni and Chhinnamastika Devi. It is located in the Una district. The deity has derived such a name from the idol of goddess Durga in the temple, where it is without a head. According to the Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu cut the corpse of Sati in to fifty one pieces with his chakra to stop the wrath of Lord Shiva. It is believed that the feet of Sati fell in this place where the temple has been built.

Who built the Temple
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The construction of the temple has a legend behind it also. It is said that an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga once had a vision of a young girl while he was on his way to meet his family in the Rapoh village of Una. A little girl wanted him to stay in the jungle which he was passing through and worship her. After meeting his family the devotee Bhagat Mai Dass, came back to the spot and started praying to Goddess Durga. The young girl then this time appeared before him in a human form and directed him to a place where he could find her in the form of a pindi. She also instructed him to a build a temple there and install the pindi there. Bhagat Mai Dass a very adorable devotee followed the instruction and constructed the temple.

Significance of the Temple
Chinthapurni–Uni Temple Significance
Chintpurni Maa “Chinta” Means"worry", tension or worries act as a slow poison. Maiya saves her bhakts from it, giving elixir of life, by fulfilling their desires and hence rightly known as CHINTAPURNI. The sacred place belongs to 'Chhinnmastika Devi ' i.e. the goddess without head. The goddess is also known as the Abode of Chhinnamastila. While the most popular name is CHINTAPURANI.

Chintapurni maaa is one of the revered Shakti Peetha. It is this place where the feet of Sati fell after her body was cut off into pieces by the Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Vishnu to calm the anger of Lord Shiva. When sati had given herself to Agni durning the yagna conducted by the Dakshprajapati father of Sati. Maa Chintpurni Devi is believed to fulfil the wishes of the devotees. The image of the deity inside the temple is headless and the head, it is said, was cut off to satisfy the blood thirst of her companions. It is because of this that deity here is called Chinmastika Devi.

Time to Visit
Chinthapurni–Uni Temple
The temple celebrates many fairs and festival, amongst which the most important one is the one celebrated in the month of August during the 10 days of Shukla Paksh. Summer is from Mid-April to end of June which is hot and light cottons are recommended. Winter is from Dec – Jan and is quite pleasant during the day and you may get by with one layer of woollens. Chintpurni temple is situated at an altitude of 940 metres. To visit the Chintapurni Temple the whole year is best. The Temple is open from 4 am to 11 pm.

Rules and Rituals of the temples
This temple is revered by the Hindus in Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and it is believed that the Goddess Chintapurni is the remover of all troubles. The devotees bring with them their worldly concerns and seek blessings from the Devi. It is said that if you ask something from the Devi with a true heart, your wish will be fulfilled. Devotees have been visiting the Shaktipeeth for over hundreds of years to pray at the lotus feet of both the Devis. Though the temple is open all round the year, the best time to visit it is during the 10-day fair held every year in the month of August. Near by tourist places to Chaurashi Temple


Chinthapurni–Uni Temple

Accommodation Facilities at the Temple
  1. The Nearest airport for Chintapurni Devi Temple is at Gaggal which is near Kangra which is at the distance to Chintpurni of about 60 km. Indian Airlines flies to Gaggal via Chandigarh. Other airports to the temple are at Amritsar (160 km) and Chandigarh (200 km).

  2. The closest railheads are at Hoshiarpur (42 km) and Una (55 km).

  3. There are even frequent bus and taxi services to Chintpurni which are available from the near by towns.There are good bus services available from Pathankot, Hoshiarpur, and Chandigarh. The Navaratra fairs are carried on in the month of Shravan (August), Kartik (October) and Chaitra (March-April) usually in these months piligrims visit the Temple. Other popular days are Sankranti, Purnima and Ashtami.

  4. For accommodations there are dharamshalas, guest houses and hotels of varying quality in and around Chintpurni. Himachal Tourism operates the Chintpurni Heights a budget hotel located at Bharwain which is only 3 km from the Chintpurni temple. It has a magnificent view of the Swan valley to the south and the Dhauladhar mountain ranges to the north.