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About the Dargah :

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Chote Hazrat ki Dargah is located inside Devan Devadi, in Hyderabad. It is reached after climbing 400 and more stairs where one can find the place of worship built during the period of the Asif Jahis.

The Legend
Chote Hazrat Ki Dargah - History
The row of arches on the hill leading to the top is a wonderful sight. The Dargah or mortuary was built in the memory of Hazrat Ali, the son-in-law of prophet Muhammad.

Legend says that Yakoob, a eunuch in the court of Ibrahim Quli went to the hill after he saw Hazrat Ali was seated on it. He saw the impression of Hazrat Ali's palm on a stone, which was very much similar to the one he saw in his dream. He was surprised and he had the impression hewn out and installed in a shrine, then built an arch over the spot.

Later Ibrahim Shah built a mosque just beside the dargah. A 'Ashurkhana', a 'Baradari' or pavillion and a 'Naqqar Khana' or place for beating drums were added during the Qutub Shahi period. The Dargah draws people from all over the country and abroad too, especially on the 8th and 10th days of Muharram people of all religions come here.

Chote Hazrat ki Dargah - Prophet Muhammad
Number of people are attracted towards the Dargah from all over the world. This place is full during the celebration of Muharram. There are many people who come here regularly and some people visit every day and especially on every Friday for the special prayers.

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Chote Hazrat ki Dargah - Devan Devadi - Hyderabad

How to reach the mosque
  • Through Airways- Hyderabad city, the capital of Andhra Pradesh is well connected by air from all the important cities of the country and has recently started with international airport facility.

  • Through Railways- Through Railways, Hyderabad has got its own railhead with well equipped facilities and is connected with all the major cities within the state and outside.

  • Through Roadways- Through Roadways, the regular bus services connect Hyderabad with all the important places within the country. For city transportation city buses, taxis, and auto rickshaws are also available.