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Location :
Ryali is situated in East Godavari district (Atreyapuram Mandalam) of Andhrapradesh, India. This area is also called Kona Seema, a purely well irrigated area of Andhrapradesh due to many tributories of river Godavari. The famous Sri Jagan Mohini (Sri Maha Vishnu) temple is situated here. The shrine of Sri Jagan Mohini Keshava Swamy is made up of a single stone (Salagrama Ekashila - 5 feet height and 3ft width). The idol looks like Sri Vishnu (male) from front side and as Mohini (female) from rear side. The architectural beauty of the idol and temple is excellent. The flow of Akasha Ganga at the feet of Sri Maha Vishnu can be witnessed here.

Significance of the Temple
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This place was purely a wild forest during 11th century and was ruled by Cholas. Raja Vikrama Deva originally constructed a small temple during 11th century and later renovated it.

This unique shrine is situated in East Godavari district of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh. The sanctum enshrines Lord Mahavishnu carved out of a single, five-foot-high stone.

The temple has been built by the Chola king, Sri Raja Vikrama Deva during 11th Century. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu engraved on a monolithic, five-foot-high stone. On the opposite side of the idol, the image of Mohini is carved. The idol is splendidly engraved on both sides. The image of Mahavishnu is surrounded by the images of Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Adi Sesha, Lord Krishna as Govardhanadhaari and sage Narada.

Sri Jagan Mohini Kesava Temple - Ryali -Godhavari River
One of the unique characteristics of Jagan Mohini Keshava Swami Temple is that the sacred river Ganga flows from the feet of Lord Vishnu, thus witnessing the truth that Akasa Ganga originates from Lords feet. In front of the Vishnu temple there is a temple enshrining Lord Shiva as Uma Kamandaleshwara, which is said to be installed by Lord Brahma.

The legend behind Jagan Mohini Keshava Swami Temple is that to taste the Divine nectar both Devatas and Rakshas were quarrelling among themselves. So Sree Maha Vishnu in the guise of an exquisitely beautiful lady Mohini distributed it among the Devatas for the sake of universal peace and welfare. Lord Shiva was enticed by the beauty of Mohini and he chased her. A flower fell down from the hair of Mohini which was smelled by Lord Shiva, so the place is called Ryali, which means 'fall' in Telugu. One of the unique features of the temple is that Vishnu and Lord Siva Temples are placed opposite to each other in East and West direction.

Sri Jagan Mohini Kesava Swami - Front View - Rear View
Sri Raja Vikrama Deva dreamt that Vishnu directed the Raja to get the wooden made chariot pulled in the area and where the nail fell, the shrine was found under ground. Raja did accordingly and constructed a small temple during 11th Century and arranged for its worship during his regime.
The Shrine is Salagrama Ekasila and is 5 feet in height and 3 feet wide. Salgramasila is itself in the form of Sri Maha Vishnu. The idol of Sree Kesava Swamy varu of Sri Mahavishnu is in front and Jagan Mohini on back. The ten incarnations of Vishnu with consorts are beautifully, sculptured around the shrine. A rare feature is that, Ganga flows from the feet of Vishnu and is the origin of Akasa Ganga, which can be seen here. Nearby tourist places to Jagan Mohini Keshava Swami Temple


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How to reach the Temple
  • Through Airways- Konaseema can be reached by road easily from different parts of the State. The nearest airport is located at Vishakhapatnam which is around 200 km from the place. Taxis are the best option to reach Konaseema and they can be hired at the airport. Konaseema is accessible through a bridge that connects the delta to the mainland. Private taxis and prepaid taxis are available from the Vishakhapatnam Airport. Hiring a taxi is a good option for those who are arriving by air. Other airports that are located nearby are the Rajhamundry Airport and the Vijayawada Airport. However these are not well connected with frequent flights.

  • Through Railways- Rajhamundry and Kakinada are the nearest railway stations and there are trains from many parts of the State that arrive at these stations. Since they are well connected this is the best option for those who are arriving by rail. Taxis can be hired from the railway station . A/C taxis are also available from the railway stations. Palakollu is another railway station that is located nearby.