Indian Temples



Angrabadi Temple
Angrabadi temple is about 56 km from Ranchi in Jharkhand. It is a temple complex in Khunti.
Deoghar or Vaidyanath Temple
Deoghar town is located at 24.48° N 86.7°. It has an average elevation of 254 metres (833 feet).the Deoghar, the town, has a picturesque location. The countryside which lays around Deoghar has an attractive set-up with undulations, water courses and small hills.
Jagannathpur Temple
Jagannathpur Temple is located in Ranchi which is the capital city of Jharkhand. Jagannathpur Temple serves as the most important and attractive tourist destinations at Ranchi, apart from being its famous pilgrimage center.
Pahari Mandir
The Pahari Mandir is located near the Ratu Road of the popular city of Ranchi in Jharkhand. It is situated at an altitude of 2140 feet from the sea level. This Temple of Lord Shankara (Lord Shiva) alias Pahari Mandir is situated 7 km away from Ranchi.
Sun Temple - Ranchi
The Sun Temple in Ranchi is located on the Tata Road near Bundu which serves as one of the highlights of the city in Jharkhand. The Sun Temple is very much newly built monument in Jharkhand. It is built around the sacred pond favouring the Chhathavratis in the Chhota Nagpur Plateau region, structure of temple has been designed with elegance