Mehandipur Balaji Temple

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Mehandipur Balaji Temple in Rajasthan is located in Dausa of North India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, worshipped by Hindus.

Significance of the temple
The legends says that the deity in this temple has divine power to cure a person possessed with evil spirit. One can also say that Shri Bala Ji Maharaj saves his devotees from unfavorable graha dashas, that is the planetary configurations.

Long ago the image of Lord Balaji and even that of Pret Raja - the King of spirits appeared from the Arawali hills. Since then, the people suffering from malignant spirits and black magic or spell get their relief when they make an appeal here at the temple for relief to Shri Bhairav ji and Shri Pret Raj Sarkar who holds this court and awards punishment to the malignant spirits, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, evil eyed witches, etc.
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Sri Mehandipur Balaji Temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the symbol of courage in Hindu mythology. Many pilgrims come here from different states of India to get rid of their physical problems.

Balaji temple at Mehandipur in Rajasthan is a very powerful place. It is believed that the deity in this temple has divine power to cure a person possessed with evil spirits.Hundreds of 'Sankatwalas', as the possessed people are referred to in local lingo, throng to the temple everyday to offer prayers and have 'darshan'. The temple has also become a home and the last respite for the victims. The 'Mahant' of the temple, Shri Kishor Puri Ji, prescribes the treatment. It usually includes reading holy texts and even follows a strict vegetarian and simple diet, and even afflicts physical pain to one's body.

Rules and Rituals of the temples
Mehandipur Balaji Temple Significance
The regular activities which are performed at Mehandipur Balaji Temple which includes pious rituals, charity and providing food to the deprived, destitute and laid up for the people. Some of the most effective physical therapies for the people such as stone treatment on arms, legs and chest result in ultimate relief from the body pains. Through this, plethora of people have been cured by this treatment as they have enormous trust in Balaji and their supernatural powers. The festival seasons of Holi, Hanuman Jayanti and Dusshera are being considered to be the most effective time period for emancipation. Medical science and researchers may reject such techniques for curing the ailment and may call this blind faith, but for the rigid worshipers of Balaji, the treatments are something beyond metaphysics. Their beliefs are extremely dense.

Time to Visit
Timing to visit the temple is 9.00 pm in summer and up to 8.00 pm in winter. Festival time like Holi, Hanuman Jayanti and Dusshera, etc is being regarded as the most auspicious time to emancipate from the evil spirits.

Transport Facilities to the Temple
Madurai has daily flights from Chennai and four times a week from Bangalore. It is an important railway junction on the Southern Railway network.

Other places to Visit
The fantastic places of visiting for the devotees who come to Mehandipur Balaji Temple are Nilkanth Mahadev Temple, Mataji Ka Mandir, Pratap Vatika and Kaila Devi Temple.

Some other interesting facts are Court of Pret Raja, Pooja griha; Bhairav ji temple and Ram Darbar which are some of the spots worth seeing here. The Mehandipur Balaji Temple at Dausa involves many charitable activities like providing food to the disabled and fodder to the cattle, etc. Nearby tourist places to Mehandipur Balaji Temple




Mehandipur Balaji Temple

How to reach the Temple
  • Through Road, the Mehandipur Balaji temple is well connected with stations of major cities in the country.

  • There are very frequent services of buses available on Agra- Jaipur highway.

  • One can also hire a car from Delhi either along the Alwar-Mahwa or Mathura-Bharatpur-Mahwa route.

  • Through Railways, Rajasthan is connected to Agra, Jaipur, Alwar, Bharatpur and Dausa with train route from where bus service is available for Mehndipur Balaji temple.

  • Airport facilities to Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra are also there.