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Naina Devi Temple is a holy place which is dedicated to Shri Naina Devi, one of the forms of Maa Shakti. The Temple is located on the top of a hill in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, Naina Devi Mandir is one amongst the 51 Shakti Peeths which is connected to the National Highway No. 21 for the facility of pilgrims. The hill can be reached through a road by vehicles and to reach the summit, one can opt for concrete steps or cable car. The temple of Naina Devi is situated nearby about 7 miles from Anandpore Sahib on Bhakra Nangal rail -line. The temple is situated on Shivalik Mountain and devotees however have to cover a distance of above 2 km on foot.

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In the temple area one can view a huge Peepal tree that is acclaimed to be present from past many centuries. While on the right side of the entrance to the main holy shrine idols of Lord Hanuman and Ganesha are placed. As one passes the main gate of the shrine, two striking statues of lions are visible and the main shrine reveals the images of three deities namely Goddess Kali which can be traced on the extreme left. In the centre, image of Naina Devi is visible, while Lord Ganesha is on the right side. The Temple is perched and situated over a small yet scenic hill. From the suburbs of the Naina Devi temple, one can spot the picturesque Govind Sagar Lake. Close to the main shrine, there is a small cave called Shri Naina Devi Cave.

Who build the temple and when
Maa Naina Devi is worshipped as a single selfborn pindi. There lies another pindi of Ganesha and a third established by the Pandavas which is believed to be the ’shakti pita’ where Sati’s eye fell. Naina means eye.

The Naina Devi temple is situated in the middle of a 1567 yard long, 167 yard wide and 93 feet deep lake. Since 1918 every year, a grand statue-immersion ceremony has been taking place here, on Bhadrapad Shukla Ashtami. Naina Devi temple serves as a major tourist spot of Nainital and Himachal Pradesh. It has been believed that the current temple at Nainital actually replaces the original 15th century temple, which was built during Kushan dynasty reign and got destroyed in a landslide, in 1880.

There are people who also say that a devotee of Maa Naina, Moti Ram Shah, was the person who established this temple in 1842 and it got destroyed in 1880 landslide. In short, the truth of the story of Naina Devi temple, before 1880, varies according to the beliefs of different people. While whatever could be the past, there is one fact related to the temple, over which there is no contradiction, that the temple was reconstructed in 1883.

Significance of the temple
Naina Devi Temple
According to Hindu mythology the consort of Lord Shiva, Sati killed herself by jumping in the sacrificial fire as her father Daksha Prajapati insulted her husband. Then later Shiva started roaming the entire universe with the body of Sati in his arms. Lord Vishnu dismembered the dead body of Sati for purpose of calming down the anger of Shiva. Various body parts of Sati fell at fifty-one different places in India that later became sacred as Shakti Peeths. Thousands of pilgrims all over the country gather here every year on Navratri and Savana (Monsoon) to worship Goddess Parvati.

Naina Devi Temple
This temple is also known as Mahishapitha as it has the association with Mahishasur. Brahma the creator gave a boon to Mahishasur that he could only be defeated by a maiden. His story has a major section in the Devi Mahatmya and could be found in greater detail in the Devi Bhagavata Purana. He troubled the Gods and made life impossible for the righteous people of that time. To protect themselves the Devagan got together and combined their Shakti’s (Goddess power within them) to create a new Devi powerful enough to defeat him.

She has been incarnated on a nearby hill called Mahishapith. Hearing about her unearthly beauty Mahishasur wanted to marry the Divine maiden and while she agreed to get married only on the condition that he could defeat her in battle. The Devi defeated his armies and finally Mahishasur, the Devi plucked out both his eyes and gave his skull to Brahma. The Gods showered the Devi with flowers called out the name “Jay Naina”.

Time to Visit
Naina Devi Temple
Naina Devi Temple welcomes the piligrims thoughout the year. People mostly visit the temple on the auspicious occasion of 3 festivals Navratris, Shravani and Chaitra .The Navaratri is usually celebrated in Sept -Oct which is the largest fair and two more annual melas are the Shravani Mela in July-August & Chaitra mela in March-April which attracts lakhs of people of divergent religious faith, caste, creed and culture. These colourful melas become the melting pot for the Hindus, Sikhs and others-a unique sight of real Unity in Diversity

Other places to visit
Bahadurpur Fort which is on the top of a hill known as Bahadurpur with height of 1980 mt. point in the district near the Tepra Village in Paragana Bahadurpur, distance about 40 km. from Bilaspur. The range is embellished and been decorated by nature with beautiful wood of deodar and ban trees.

Bhakra Dam is situated at Bhakra village of Bilaspur, about 13 km upstream from Nangal Township which is one of the highest straight gravity dams in the world. The lake is about 90 km long covering an area of about 168 sq km of which 90 percent is in Bilaspur and 10 percent in Una district. Nearby tourist places to Nainadevi Temple





Naina Devi Temple

Accommodation Facilities at the Temple
Generally it takes for the normal devotee an hour to reach the temple from the foothill of Naina Devi Temple. And now there is a ropeway to reach here and ropeway to temple distance is about 20 minutes. NeelMandir Trust has its own school, collage, Hospital and even langar. While the Gobind Sagar River, Bhakra Dam and village Toba are are nice visting place.

A big fair is held during Shravan Ashtami every year. For night stay, rest houses and sarais are available. For Pilgrims the Rope route is also available from main Swarghat-Bhakra road to the temple.

In the earlier days, the piligrims coming to visit the Temple usually used to trek the steep path of 1.25 kms to reach the temple at the hill-top. Now there is a facility of cable carwhich has been launched to make the journey easy and enjoyable. On Shravan Ashtami, a big fair is held annually at this temple. During the time of Navratras, the temple is visited by large number of people.

  1. By Air - to Visit Naina Devi Temple, Chandigarh and Bhuntar are the nearest airports, located at 135-km and 131-km from Bilaspur.

  2. By Railways - the nearest broad gauge railway station is at Kiratpur Sahib and the nearest narrow gauge railway station is at Shimla.

  3. By Road - the Temple is situated on the National Highway No. 21. Deluxe Buses and even ordinary Buses are available from Chandigarh to Biaspur via Kiratpur on the way to Manali crossing Mandi and Kullu.