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The Navagraha temple is situated in the southeastern part of the Guwahati town on the crest of a hill known as "Citracala".

Significance of the Temple
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The Navagraha temple contains nine phallic emblems of Lord Shiva covered with cloths of different colours which are sacred to the nine planetary gods, namely, Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Buddha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu.

The present temple of Navagrahas in Guwahati was built during the time of King Rajesvar Singh in 1752 AD. The upper part (Sikhara) of the temple was destroyed by the great earthquake which occurred in old times and was rebuilt with corrugated iron-sheet. The 'Garbhagriha', built of brick, however, exists. The votaries carry on regular worship over here even at present.

Navagraha Temple
The Navagrahas or the nine planets thus are being represented in the Sashtras:

Firstly the Surya's great chariot which has one wheel and is drawn by seven horses, while carrying a lotus in each of his hands, he wears an armour and has a shield over his breast with the beautiful straight hair, and is surrounded by a halo of light.

Secondly the great Chandra who is been represented in white colour, clothed in white garment who is surrounded by a halo and adorned with ornaments and garland of all sorts of flowers.

Navagraha Temple
Thirdly comes Mangala who is represented in fire-like red colour, clothed in red garments, seated upon Simhasana, with three arms bearing 'Gada', 'Sula', 'Sakti' weapons and as one in an 'Abhaya' or 'Varada' pose.

Then, Buddha is being represented in yellow colour, clothed in yellow garment, with' three arms bearing 'Khadga', 'Khetaka', and 'Gada' and in Varada pose.

In the fifth place is Brihaspati who is represented in yellow colour, clothed in golden yellow garments with three arms bearing 'Kamandalu', 'Aksamala', and 'Danda' and in Varada pose. Sometimes this planet is represented with two arms having a 'Pustaka' and an 'Aksamala'.

Then sixth comes Shukra represented by white colour, clothed in white garments, having four arms and one who bears the same weapons as Brihaspati. Shukra is sometimes represented with two hands bearing 'Nidhi' (treasure) and 'Pustaka'.

Navagraha Temple
The seventh planet Shani is represented in black colour and being clothed in black garments, small in stature and somewhat lame in one leg. He has two arms bearing a Danda and an 'Aksamala' and sometimes in Varada pose.

The eighth is Rahu being represented on a 'Simhasana' or a silver chariot drawn by eight horses. According to some, it is possessed with four arms, three of which bear 'Khadga', 'Khetaka', and 'Sula' and in Varada pose and sometimes he possesses two arms carrying a book.

The last, ninth planet is the Ketu being represented in dark colour having two arms in Abhaya pose holding a 'Gada', and sometimes on a chariot drawn by ten horses."

Silpukhuri Tank
Silpukhuri Tank
In 1753 AD, the King Rajesvar Singh who built the Navagraha Temple also excavated a tank at a little distance from the temple so that the temple goers might have an easy and perennial supply of water. The tank being named as "Silpukhuri", continues to be with full of water as it was when it was first excavated and supplies water daily to the needy.

A stone inscription is fixed on the walls of the temple and it records the construction of the same by "Tarun Duarah", under the orders of King Rajesvar Singh. The temple was consecrated to the Navagrahas in 1674 Saka Era (1752 AD). K. L. Barua thinks that this temple is the origin of the name Pragjyotisapura or "the City of Eastern Astrology" as Assam was called in the early period.

Accommodation Facilities at the Temple
The city of Guwahati offers several private hotels which range from luxury to budget-friendly ones which are very much facilitative and affordable by the strata of devotees.

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Fish is a major delicacy in Assam and visitors here can savour mouthwatering curries in and around Paltan Bazar at cheap rates. There are good accommodation facilities available in and around Guwahati in Assam.

How to Reach the Temple

  • Through Airways - the city of Guwahati has its own airport where one can pick a bus or taxi to the temple.

  • Through Railways - the Railhead of Guwahati is well linked to all the parts of India by rail lines. The devotees can reach by train from any part of India. .

  • Through Road Transport -devotees to the temple can easily reach the Navagraha Temple by road from any part of Assam.