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One of the most revered place in Punjab State, the "Panch Mandi" in Kapurthala town is dedicated to several Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It was constructed by "Fateh Singh Ahluwalia" called the "Panch Mandir" in Kapurthala town in Punjab. It bears the relics of rich architectural legacy of the bygone golden era. The Panch Mandir is an important hallmark of the small town of Kapurthala which draws several devotees from all over the state to seek divine blessings.

Significance of the temple
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As the name suggests, Panch Mandir the temple has small temples that are dedicated to different Gods and Goddesses. The giant structure at the middle of the holy sanctorium, is encircled by many smaller temples. The temple displays the engineering skills of the people of the ancient times. Apart from being an important place of religious worship, the "Panch Mandir" is also a celebrated place for archaeologists who throng the temple to study the rich architecture of the traditional society. Panch Mandir which is a sacred temple gives one an intense pleasure and satisfaction.

The "Panch Mandir" may be said to be an architectural marvel of the golden past and one would always appreciate the splendid monument that has an aesthetic appeal for the devotees. The "Panch Mandir" of the Kapurthala town is always full of devotees who visit the holy shrine in search of peace of mind and soul. The clean and well maintained surrounding of the temple is an epitome of "purity" and "eternal happiness".

In the year 2008, Pandit Ram Gopal Dixit has been serving as a Senior Priest of Shri Panch-Dev Mandir of RustamGarh, Etah. Raised area where deities reside is referred as shrine, the lower area is known as assembly hall, Shrine with assembly hall is referred as prayer hall. Two storeys in the north side building in the complex has office area and visitor area. Adjacent to the office building is the temple kitchen.

Panch Mandir Architecture
"Panch Mandir" with its beautiful white structure looks strikingly awesome on a moonlit night. The sacred temple gives a person intense pleasure and satisfaction. The "Panch Mandir" is being called as an architectural marvel of the golden past.

One would always appreciate the splendid monument that has an aesthetic appeal for the devotees. The awe inspiring structure of the "Panch Mandir" has its model in one of the museums of Lahore, now in Pakistan.

Other places to visit
  • Moorish Mosque which was conceived by M. Manteaux, the mosque was built in 1930. It was constructed in the year 1927. Three years and some six lakhs of rupees later, the Mosque was completed.
  • State Gurudwara is a striking red sandstone building now painted white was consecrated in 1915 in Indo- Saracenic style.
  • Gurdwara Ber Sahib is situated on the banks of holy Bein. It is where Guru Nanak entered the Bein rivulet, also known as the Babe di Nadi.
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Panch Mandir

Panch Mandir Significance
  • Jagatjit Palace is, indisputably, Kapurthala`s most famous building. It was, once upon a time, the home of Maharaja Jagatjit Singh. It was constructed in 1906 by M. Marcel under the Maharaja`s guidance. The architecture of the temple was inspired by the Palaces of Versallies and Fontainbleau.
  • The Mazar of Mir Nasir Ahmed, stands amidst dense shrubbery. Mir Nasir Ahmed, a descendant of the legendary Tansen, founded the Kapurthala Gharana, or the school of music.
  • Shahi Samadhs in the Shalimar Gardens emphasize the traditions of its ruling dynasty. Marble obelisks inside the red sandstone chambers, are the memorials to the former rulers and their families.
How to Reach the Temple
  1. By air to reach Panch Mandir the nearest airport to Jalandhar is at Amritsar, which is well connected to the rest of the country.

  2. If one has to go by railways,the Jalandhar City Railway Station is an important station on the Delhi-Amritsar Railway line, making Jalandhar easily accessible. Regular trains connect Jalandhar to major cities.

  3. By Road-the city is acquainted with good roads and a vast network of bus services connecting it to rest of India. To travel around the city one can use rickshaws, taxis or rent a car.