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It is the Famous Monstery called as the Gaden Namgyal Lhatse, popularly known as Tawang Monastery was founded by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in the year 1680-81. Tawang Monastery stands atop a mountain, which is 3300 Meters high, overlooking the Tawang Chhu Valley.

Significance of the temple
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The term 'Tawang' literally means 'Chosen Horse'. It is a magnificent location which attracts the solace seekers with its scenic environs along with the lush forests, smiling vales and the gurgling streams. Also known as 'Galden Namgyal Lhatse', Tawang Monastery is also popular as the birth place of sixth Dalai Lama. The ideal time to visit the monastery lies from June to October.

The monastery stands on the spur of a hill, about 10,000 feet which is above sea level and has ravines in the south and west, narrow ridge on the north and gradual slope on the east. The Monsastery offers a commanding and picturesque view of the Tawang-chu valley. From a distance the monastery appears like a fort as if guarding the votaries in the wide valley. Tawang monastery is the largest of its kind around the country and is one of the largest monasteries in Asia. Though it has the capacity for housing about 700 monks, the actual number of resident lamas (monks) at present is a little more than 450. This monastery is the is in the shape of fountain-head of the spiritual life of the people of this region.

Golden Namgyal - Tawang - Arunachala Pradesh
This monastery over 350 years old, and is the fountainhead of the spiritual life for the followers of the Gelupa Sect of the Mahayana School of Buddhism, which is followed by the Monpa, and Sherdukpen tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Surrounded by lofty peaks of over 4000 Meters in elevation, it is built like a fortress and can house over 500 monks.

The surrounding Tawang monstery is the Chhu Valley which is a virtual Shangri-La, of lush forests, smiling vales, gurgling streams, picture post card villages and a lovely, smiling people, surrounded by high mountain barriers above 4000 meters.

This would be a rare opportunity to explore the Buddhist lifestyles of the unique and remote Himalayan tribal culture of the Monpas. One has the opportunity to visit various monasteries, Monpa villages and the breathtaking vistas of Himalayan uplands. We also visit two national parks; The Kaziranga and Nameri, and visit Bomdila, with its set on monasteries, Sherdukpen and Bugin tribes.

8 metre Statue - Sakyamuni Buddha - Tawang
The most imposing part of the monastery is the Dukung, or the assembly hall - a three-storied building housing the temple and the 8.3-m high Golden Buddha. The building also has a library, a treasure trove of valuable sculptures, old books and manuscripts, both handwritten and printed. The Monstery also houses here the establishment of the Rimpoche, or lama incarnate

The three storey fortified monastery covers the total area of 135 sq. meters enclosed by a compound wall of 610m long. The Tawang monastery houses 65 residential buildings, chortens, lanes and by lanes. There is a main shrine room inside the monastery that is richly decorated and contains several statues including a beautiful thousand armed Chenrezig (or Avalokitesvara). Two ani gompas are visible from the main gate, clinging to the steep mountain slopes in the distance. The Parkhang hall lodges the library that contains the valuable old scriptures mainly Kanjur and Tanjur numbering 850 bundles. Than there is a craft center, which produces exquisite woolen carpets.

Time to Visit
Losar is considered as the major festival which is celebrated here, that continues for the period of continuous 15 days. It is the time for the Tibetans to be with the family and friends. The spectacle of thousands of monks who would be dressed in scarlet celebrating the Tibetan New Year is as sight not to be missed.

Golden Namgyal Lhatse - Tawang Monstary Nearby tourist places to Tawang Monastery


Losar festival is marked with the very magnificent religious ceremonies, the performance fights between the good and evil, rejoicing and passing the passing the fire torches among the crowd. The festival is full of dancing, music and merry making.

How to reach the Temple
  • Through Airways There is no airport or railhead in Tawang. Tezpur is the closest place, which offers an airport.

  • Through Roadways The only way out of the Tawang town leads back over the Sela Pass and down to Bomdila. Arunachal State Transport runs buses to Bomdila on Wednesday. Friday And Saturday (8hr). Private buses also run daily via Bomdila to Tezpur , departing round about noontime and arriving Tawang early in the morning of the following day. Jeeps also leave daily for Tezpur early in the morning from Tawang City Gate, 200m downhill from the bus stand.