Chail is the royal retreat nestled in stately deodar and tall pines of the Shivalik slopes and it stands at an altitude of 2,250mts high. Chail was for a very long time the princely seat of the Patiala rulers.Chail entertains the tourists with lot of interesting attractions like walks, treks and commanding view of the Himalayas.Chail is glorified with one of the highest cricket playground in the world.

It is a heaven for hiking and trekking. From Chail one can get the spectacular view of the towns of Shimla and Kasauli with lights in the night. It is an immense pleasure to take a drive to this place along the slopes of Kandaghat and amidst the coniferous forests.


The story of Chail really begins in neighboring Shimla.The tale is told of the banishment of the Maharaja of the Patiala from the erstwhile summer capital in the late 19th century. Smarting at this insult, the Maharaja began exploring the hills that bordered Shimla.He planned to find a hill that was within sight of Shimla-but higher. Surrounded by Deodar woods the little village of Chail seemed perfect. Completed in 1891 and altitude of with a splendid mansion to serve as his palace and at 2,250mts a good hundred meters above Sheila's average height, Patiala's summer capital was prepared to take on the British one at equal terms.


Chail in the state of Himachal Pradesh is situated at an altitude of - 2,250 m, high and at a distance of 45kms from Shimla is surrounded by the forests of chir pine and gigantic deodars. hail coordinates at 30.9697°N 77.1975°E.


The ideal time to visit Chail is between the months of May to October.


Lavi Fair

Lavi Fair is celebrated in commeration of the signing of a mutual trade treaty between Tibet and the former Bushahr state. The fair exhibits a number of cultural shows. However this fair mainly concentrates on small-scale trade and business among the shepherds and other locals.


Baisakhi is generally celebrated around mid April in the name of Bissu or Bisha in Chail.It marks the onset of the harvest season and is one of the major festivals celebrated in Chail.

Sipi Fair

Sipi Fair is conducted in the month of May in place called Siphur.The main highlight is to honour Sip Devta during which people come from different parts of the country to participate in it along with many cultural programmes being conducted.

Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla festival held in the month of May is celebrated with great pomp and fun. The festivity is full of turbulence of colours.There are lot of cultural events which takes place during this festival and people come from different parts of the country to exhibit their talents.

Bhoj Fair

Bhoj Fair is celebrated to honour the deity Devta Bansor and it falls in the month of November and goes for three days attracting a huge crowd.Apart from the above festivals, the other common festivals celebrated like in any other part of the country are Christmas, Diwali, Lohri and Navratri.


Palace Hotel

The now Palace hotel was once the Palace of the Maharaja of Patiala who constructed it in 1891.
It was also initially the lodging place of British.
This Palace hotel sprawls over an area of 75 acres of land and also has the distinction of being of the earliest hotel resorts in the country.
This offers lodging of various tariffs for people to enjoy this magnificent hill station.
The furniture in these hotels draws the attention of all the people coming here.

Chail Wildlife Sanctuary

The Chail Wildlife Sanctuary was once the private hunting reserve of the Maharajas of Patiala.In 1976 this was notified as a sanctuary.
It is connected to the Shimla water catchement area's sanctuary by a forest corridor.
The trees of the area include oaks, pines, rhododendron and deodar and a variety of wildlife.
Many wild animals can be spotted here, including rhesus macaque, Indian muntjac, leopard, crested porcupine, panthera, wild boar, goral, European red deer, Himalayan black bear, sambar, common langur and black-napped hare.
It is also an ideal place for bird watching.

Gurudwara Sahib

The Gurudwara Sahib on Pandhawa hillocks was constructed in 1907 and it is supposed to be one of the important religious destination in Chail.
The main feature of this Gurudwara Sahib are the two towers at the entrance which more or less resemble the churches of Goa.
The architecture of this place is nearly a century old which depicts the culture of the period.There is a beautiful lawn attached to the Gurudwara Sahib.

Kali Ka Tibba

Kali Devi Temple dedicated to Kali Devi is situated on top of a mountain named after the Rajmata's cottage.
Most of the tourist coming to Chail never misses to visit this temple.
The view from this temple gives a breathtaking sight of the Shivalik Range and the Choor Chandni peak.
One can also trek to this temple and if you are lucky you can spot some rare species of animals and birds.

Siddh Baba Ka Mandir

Apart from the religious value this temple is also an ideal spot for picnics.
There are legends which says that this temple was built by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh as a dedication to a saint named Siddh Baba.
It so happened that once the saint came in the dream of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, who originally planned to build a palace at this place and informed that this was the place for a Mandir and not for a residential palace.
So the Maharaja built a mandir and named after the saint.

Cricket Ground

Chail is glorified with one of the highest cricket playground in the world at an altitude of 2,144 meters above the sea level.
This ground constructed in 1893 is nearly 200 years old and even today it is maintained in a very good condition.
This cricket ground was constructed by the Maharaja of Patiala.
It is also used as a polo ground. Access to this cricket ground is not for all the tourists for it comes within the cantonment area.


Chail doesnt have anything much to shop apart from some noted Himalayan products like silver jewellery,Himachal's distinctive caps, handicrafts like carpets,jackets,paintings,metal ware and wooden items like bowls and walking sticks.



Regd . Office:
Chail Blossom, P.O., Chail,
Teh - Kandaghat, Dist. Solan,

2.Chail Palace
Shimla Hills
Chail-173217 India

3.Hotel Lions
Chail-173217 India

4.Hotel Monaal
Shimla Hills
Chail-173217 India

5.Rashi Resort
Shimla Hills
Chail-173217 India

6.Chail Inn
Shimla Hills (Distt. Solan)
Chail-173217 India

7.Grand Sunset Hotel
Shimla Hills
Chail India

8.Hotel Ekant
Shimla Hills
Chail-173217 India

9.Pinewood Hotel
Barog (Solan Distt.)
Chail-173211 India

10.Cedar Heights Resort
Kufri-Chail Road, Koti
District Shimla
Chail-171012 India

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By Air

Chail is 63 km from Jubbar Hati Airport, the closest from the town. The airport has connecting flights to Delhi and Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana.

By Rail

The ideal way of covering the Kalka-Shimla track is by the toy train. It takes five hours from Kalka to get to Kandaghat and the distance is about 50 Kms.The toy train with a maximum of seven bogies chugs through the most thickly forested tracks, breathtaking bends, deep ravines and never-ending tunnels. Kandaghat is the station to get down and take a cab further for the remaining 20 km journey to Chail.

By Road

Chail is well connected by road. One travels on the NH 22 from Chandigarh / Kalka towards Shimla. This is a two lane highway. Stations in between are Parwanoo, Dharampur, Solan. At Kandaghat leave the highway and take a right turn towards Chail.