Dindigul popularly referred as the "City of Locks and Tanneries" was initially within the limits of Madurai but in the year 1985 it was conferred as a separate district in the year 1985.The city is famous for manufacturing of locks and has a lot of textile industries in and around Dindigul.Apart from this from a very early period Dindigul was a major trading centre for tobacco and also they are one of the leading manufactures of cigars. Recently there is a lot of mention about the city regarding the Chewing Tobacco and it is a wholesale market for Onions and Groundnut. A number of factories being associated with the city it has lot of potential in employing people in these sectors for work. The very good irrigation facilities in Dindigul also results in good agriculture for the town accommodates nearly four dams namely Palar Porandalar, Varathamanathi, Pabap Palar and Maruthanathi.The places in and around Dindigul are also unique for many features like Nilakkottai is famous for Brass Vessels,Jewellery and for the growing and marketing of flowers and Grapes.Ottanschatram situated at a short distance from Dindigul is famous market for vegetables and export of butter.Batlagundu is an important market for Tomato.Pattiveeranpatti is a place noted for Cardamom and Coffee. Dating back to history the place was ruled by the Muslim King Tipu Sultan and the fort here was built by Naik King Muthukrishnappa Naicker.Adding to the tourist attraction of the city Kodiakanal, the famous hill station and Palani, the pilgrim centre is situated in the district.


Dindigul more towards the south of Tamil Nadu is bounded on the north by Erode, Coimbatore, Karur and Trichy, Sivaganga and Tiruchi District on the East, Madurai district on the South and Theni and Coimbatore Districts and Kerala State on the West.


Dindigul was initially under the reign of the great Muslim King Tippu Sultan and then it came under the Naickes of Madurai.As a matter of respect and tribute to the Naicker's and in their memory till 1999 the Government Transports in the city were named as �Rani Mangamaal Transport Corporation(RMTC)�.Dindigul got the status of a separate district only in the year 1985.There are legends which says that Dindigul was also referred by the names Dindigul Anna,Quaid-e-Milleth and Mannar Thirumalai.During the period of the Naicks the famous historical Rock Fort was constructed by Naik King Muthukrishnappa Naicker.Dindigul was under the rule of Tipu Sultan from 1784 to 1790.During Tipu's period in 1784 commandant Syed Ibrahim did some maintenance work of the fort. But however in the year 1790 Tipu was defeated by the British in the Mysore war and Dindigul came under the later. During the period of British a famous church was built which is now the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dindigul.


Dindigul Fort

Dindigul Fort gets its name from the look the fort gives like a 'Dhindu'.It is situated on the top of a rock which is about 280 ft high. It is built in such a strategic location that it talks a lot about the history of the Dindigul city. This famous fort was built by the Nayaks of Madurai.Till Dindigul came under the control of the British the fort played a vital importance in the military operations of succeeding dynasties of the Wodeyars of Mysore, Marathas, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan till.


It is one of the India's most beautiful hill stations located at an altitude of 2,133mts.The charm of Kodiakanal lies in its wooded slopes and gigantic trees. Mighty rocks, bowers, creeks and slopes captivate the visitors. The meadows, long stretches of beautiful spots and flocks of sheep grazing on green pasture are a perennial source of joy, delight and thrill to onlookers. The 'Princess of Hill Stations' is how sometimes Kodaikanal is referred. It also has the distinction of being the only hill station in India to be established by Americans. The pride of Kodaikanal is the 'Kurinji-flower', which blossoms once in 12 years.


Palani is situated at a distance of about 60kms from Dindigul and is one of the most sacred place for devotees of LORD MURUGAN.This temple are located on top of a hill nearly 500feet high.

One can either reach this temple by the steps or travel by the winches. This place is quite famous for traditional Indian medicine known as Siddha Vaidyam.


Sirumalai is a small hill station situated on the way to Natham.It is a very good place for trekking and mountaineering and ideal for bird watchers.

Nadupatti Anjaneyar Temple

Nadupatti Anjaneyar Temple is situated at a distance of about 35 Kms from Dindigul on the banks of a river side. It is located in such a way most of the time the statue will be in water.


Thadikombu is quite famous for the Soundararaja Perumal Koil which is situated at a distance of about 7 km from Dindigul.The temple is very famous for Sorna Agarsha Bairavar Boojai known as �Thei perai astami booja� in every month. Also it is famous for �Chakarathalwar� and �Hiagreewar� which is worshiped specially for studying students.

St. John's Church

This church nearly 100 years old is a very reputed church in the district constructed by Thomas Fernando and it took nearly 7 years to build this.

St.Antony's Shrine - Marambady

St. Anthony's shrine which is nearly three hundred years old is situated in Marambady and is known throughout India. Every year in the month of January there is a feast held for St. Anthony the Hermit and it goes for about 3 days. It is the biggest shrine dedicated to St. Antony in India and abroad as well.


Though there is not much of shopping of handicrafts or souvenirs in Dindigul,it s a place where you can shop for the iron locks manufactured here and there are places in and around Dindigul for vegetable market.


Dindigul is known for its authentic Dindigul Biriyani from the Dindigul Thalappakatti Restaurant. Other restaurants are
1.Balaji Bhavan
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

2.Saravana Bhavan
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

3.Meenakshi Bhavan
Sub Collector Office Road,
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

4.Aachi's Mess
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu


1.Venu Hotel
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

2.Anand International
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

3.Karpagam Hotel
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

4.Sangeeth Hotel
Sub Collector Office Road,
Dindigul, Tamil Nadu

5.Hotel Vels Park
Dindigul,Tamil Nadu

132A, Madurai Road, Begambur,
India - 624002
Phone: 0451-2400855

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The nearest airport to Dindigul is Madurai and Tiruchirappalli.

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The nearest station to Dindigul is Dindugal Junction.

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It is well connected by road to most of the cities in Tamil Nadu.