Hampi in the state of Karnataka is situated on th banks of the Tungabhadra river and is one of the noted UNESCO World Heritage Sites. During the medieval period of the Vijayanagara empire which was popularly known as the the City of Victory, Hampi was its capital.Hampi is noted for its hundreds and hundreds of monuments including numerous temples and monolithic structures.Hampi even today in its ruined state exhibit its rare excellent features and Hindu architectural culture.Hampi situated on the backdrop of huge mountains attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year from different parts of the world.Hampi has an endless list of magnificent feature adding to its beauty like beautiful temples, basement of palaces, remains of aquatic structures, ancient market streets, royal pavilions, bastions, royal platforms, treasury buildings etc


Hampi on the banks of the river Tungabadra is situated in the central core of the Karnataka state and at a distance of about 53 km from Bangalore, and 13 km from Hospet.Hampi is situated at an altitude of about 467 m above sea level on a rugged terrain.


The best time to visit Hampi is from October to March.


The history of Hampi dates back to the 1st century AD during which it was the capital of the largest Hindu empire in India namely the Vijaynagar Empire. The city of Hampi was first discovered in 1336 by two brothers Harihar and Bukka.Hampi flourished to glory during the reign of Krishnadevaraya who had a control over the south of the Tungabhadra River.Hampi was very well protected with nearly seven concentric lines of fortifications and with a majestic and huge army. It was an important centre for trade during the medieval period especially for cotton and spice. But soon there was a decline in the mighty Kingdom of Vijaynagar with the death of Krishnadevaraya and was totally destroyed in 1565 by five Muslim kingdoms namely Bidar, Bijapur, Golconda, Ahmednagar and Berar.


The renowned Vijayanagar Festival is celebrated in the month of December by the people of Hampi with full enthusiasm. This festival is mainly organized by the Government of Karnataka and it mainly reflects the glory of the past mighty Vijayanagar Empire.


Virupaksha Temple

The presiding deities of this temple are Shiva, Pampa and Bhuvaneswari and it belongs to the 15th century.

This temple rises majestically at the western end of the famous Hampi Bazaar.

At the eastern entrance of the temple there is a tall tower which goes upto 120 feet.

This temple is also known by the name Pampapathi temple.

Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy

The architecture of this temple belongs to the Dravidian style whose main highlights include strange motifs of fish and marine monsters engraved along its outer walls.

The Malyavanta Raghunathaswamy temple is situated at a distance of about 3kms down the road.

Vithala Temple Complex

This is the major tourist attraction of Hampi and is noted for its architecture and monuments. The temple is noted for its 56 musical pillars and the stone chariot with a moveable stone chariot.

There is a huge mandapam on a fabulously worked basement just facing exactly opposite to the shrine. The roof of this mandapam pillared with granite, around 15 feet in height, each again consisting of a central pillar enclosed by detached shafts, all cut from one single block of rock.

House of Victory

This was built by Krishnadeva Raya to celebrate his victory over the King of Odisha after a long battle. The internal spaces between the rows of the plinth-moldings here are most intricately carved. It was from this place where the kings use to sit on a throne and witness the nine-day Dasara festival.

Hazara Ramaswami temple

The Hazara Ramaswami temple is supposed to be the private place of worship for the royal family.

The main noted features of this temple are the sequence of scenes from the Ramayana engraved on two of the inner walls of the mantapa.

King's Balance

The King's Balance used to be the place where the kings for their measure of weight distribute gold, grain, or money to the poor and needy. There also used to be a swimming pool which used to be the main bath area for the queen. The swimming pool measures to 50 feet long and 6 feet deep, flaunting arched corridors, balconies and lotus-shaped fountains of perfumed water.

Lotus Mahal

This is a two-storey structure in the shape of a lotus flower with beautiful archways set in geometric pattern. This Mahal was mainly used by the queens during the month of summer.

Elephant Stables

This is the place where the elephants used to be kept. This stable exhibits the Hindu and Muslim style of architecture.

Mahanavami Dibba

Mahanavami Dibba is a lion story wooden structure from which the kings and princes viewed the town with pomp, colour and revelry at the time of the Mahanadu festival.

Daroji Bear Sanctuary

Daroji Bear Sanctuary situated close to Hampi is oriented more towards the eastern side of the state which is very adventurous and is a home for the Indian Sloth Bears. This sanctuary was started in 1994.


There is nothing much to shop in Hampi.If you are very precise about shopping here then may be one can think about doing so in the local handicrafts at Hampi Bazaar,Hospet shops or those at Tungabhadra dam for souvenirs for your near and dear ones.


Most of the guesthouses and hotels here are attached to small restaurants.
1.Bhavani Hotel
2.Sri Venkatashawara Restaurant
3.Hotel Tourist
4.Shanthi Restaurant
5.Om Shiva
6.Welcome Restaurant
7.Raju Roof Restaurant
8.Mango Tree Restaurant
9.Sree Vilas Hotel
10.Shiv moon


1.Vishnu Guest House
Hampi Bazaar area

2.Vikki Guest House
Hampi Bazaar area

3.Rama Guest House
Hampi bus stand area

4.Gopi Guesthouse
Hampi bus stand area

5.Rahul Guest House
Hampi bus stand area

6.Padma Guest House
Hampi bus stand area

7.Ranjana Guest House
Hampi bus stand area

8.Kiran Guest House
East of Hampi village

9.Netra Guesthouse
East of Hampi village

10.Sudha Guesthouse
East of Hampi village

11.KSTDC Mayura Bhuvaneshwari

12.Kishkinda Heritage Resort
Gangavathy Taluk
Karnataka - 583231

13.Shanthi Guest House
Virupapura gaddi
Sanapur,munirabad(Cross river from Hampi)

14.Hampi Boulders
Karnataka - 583201

15.Rama Guest House
Near River-Opposite Temple
Close to Hampi Bazaar

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By Air

The most convenient airport from Hampi is Belgaun (190kms). Several airlines operate regular flights connecting Belgaun with prominent cities in south India. Bangalore (353kms), the capital of Karnataka also serves as a well-located entry point for Hampi.

By Rail

A good network of roads connect Hampi with other important tourist attractions in Karnataka. Bangalore lies only 350kms (approx) away and one can easily drive own to Hampi from here. Places like Hassan, Hospet, Mysore are also well connected with Hampi.

By Road

The nearest railhead from Hampi is Hospet (13kms). Hospet is connected to Bangalore, which is in turn linked to the major Indian cities like: Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and other prominent tourist attractions across the length and breadth of India.