Hogenakkal located at the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka is popularly referred as the Niagara Falls of India. The word Hogenakkal in Kannada means 'Smoking Rock´┐Ż, which otherwise means from the cloud of mist and spray, that envelopes the chasm. The main attraction of the falls is its vertical drop from a height of 20 metres with a thundering sound. This tourism destination is a small village at a distance of about 170kms away from Bangalore in the state of Karnataka and 45kms away from Dharmapuri in the state of Tamil Nadu.Hogenakkal is situated at the point of juncture of the river Kaveri and Chinnar.After this point of confluence the Kaveri River branches into a course of impressive waterfalls.Hogenakkal is covered with a thick growth of trees and underbrush in the hills of Melagiri.People also refer to this as a riverside spa for the water flowing here is said to have a lot of curative power. The reason behind the curative nature of the water is because the water coming here takes a journey through the forest of herbs. The falls is surrounded by huge mountains with rough and irregular surface. It is very adventurous and exciting to go for a trek through these rugged mountains.


Hogenakkal is located in the state of Tamil Nadu and also very to the borders of Karnataka. It is situated at a distance of about 170kms away from Bangalore in the state of Karnataka and 45kms away from Dharmapuri in the state of Tamil Nadu.Hogenakkal takes up an altitude of about 250 metres above sea level.


The ideal time to visit Hogenakkal is the month of February.


From the small town of Pennagaram the travel to the Hogenakkal water falls gets quite interesting for it goes through a series of villages. These villages are mainly into the vegetation of mulberry which is usually used as a fodder for the silkworms. As you travel through these villages you get fascinated by the guardian deities, often referred to as Aiyanars.Made of terracotta or plastered brick, these giant figures are brightly colored and generally depict fearsome and mustachioed warriors. As the journey takes us closer and closer to destination we can see the tall trees dancing according to the wind and we can hear the roaring and the gushing sound of the water.

The other main attraction of Hogenakkal is the Coracles which are nothing but the basket-boats. They look circular whose body is built of bamboo frames covered in either black plastic or buffalo hide. Coracles are among the oldest types of watercraft in the world, and among the most successful-a reassuring thought when one is floating in these saucer-like devices. When they are not in use it is upturned and left on the banks of the river. The Coracles are also referred as parisals by the local people. One who is visiting Hogenakkal should never miss the massage from the masseurs or the malishwalas who are quite knowledgeable about the different massage points in the human body. There is no need to go hunting for them for they are always seen around the waterfall armed with oils and other herbal powders. There are also women masseurs for the females.

If you are interested can also take up treks in the surrounding Melagiri Hills and one can explore the lush, rugged, landscape.


Usually people coming here will pack their own food for they have fun in the water and have a relaxed meal. Otherwise the nearest town which promises good food is Dharmapuri, about 45kms away from Hogenakkal.

1.Adayar Ananda Bhavan
Dharmapuri, Hosur Road, Tamil Nadu

2.Hotel muruga bhavan, thoppur
Thoppur, Tamil Nadu
094 43 517691

3.Danam Mess
Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

4.Valli Mess
Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

5.Lavanya mess
Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

6.Hotel Rama Boarding
Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

102 Bye pass road, dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu 636701
04342 260 728


1.The KSTDC Tourist Bungalow run by the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation
080-2275869, 2275883

2.Hotel Tamil Nadu, Hogenakkal
Phone:+91-4342-56447, 54448

2.Hotel C.M.Boarding & Lodging

3.DDDC Lodge

4.Hotel Priya Lodge

5.Hotel Sri Rama Boarding & Lodging

6.Hotel D.N.C Lodge

7.Hotel New Dharmapuri Lodge

8.Hotel Vijay Lodge

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By Air

Bangalore, situated at a distance of 130 km from Hogenakkal is the nearest airport.

By Rail

Salem 114 km and Bangalore 130 km are the nearest railway stations from this place.

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Tourist taxis and buses are available on hire to move in and around Hogenakkal.