Khajuraho is the legacy of the Chandella dynasty and is also declared as the world heritage site for its archaeological and historical monuments by the UNESCO.With its wonderful carved stone temples Khajuraho is also known as the temple city of Central India.Khajuraho in Bundelkhand district of Madhya Pradesh is famous for both its imperial and jain temples. The name Khajuraho for this temple town was derived from the hindi word 'khajur' meaning date palm. Every day this temple attracts thousands of tourists mainly to admire the immortal saga of Hindu art, erotic sculpture and culture. It took nearly hundred years to build this temple town from a period of 950 to 1050 AD. Though there were 85 beautiful temples initially and now only 22 temples have survived the ravages of time. But however Khajuraho still remains the epitome of the temple architectural style and aesthetic sensibility.


The Chandellas,the descendants of the moon-god the ambitious builders and great connoisseur of arts,embelished their cities and towns with palaces, pools and temples, but the complex of sunshine's at Khjauraho represents the climax of the art of Hindu temple architecture during the medieval times. These temples were built during the 9th and 10th century AD. King Yasovarman began the era of temple construction here that was going on to become one of the country's major tourist attractions. There is a legend behind the Khajuraho temples which says that the Moon God seduced and ravaged a beautiful Brahmin girl named Hemvati.Soon she gave birth to Chandravarman who was the founder of the Chandela dynasty. As Chandravarman grew up his mother came in his dream and requested him to make a temple revealing all aspects of the treasure of passion and erotic fantasy to the world. The murals and motifs depicts scenes from hunting, feasting, dancing with special stress on the sensual and the erotic.


The ideal time to visit Khajuraho is between the months of October to March for the climate here is mostly tropical where the summers are quite hot and the winters are cold.


Khajuraho is located in the state of in the Bundelkhand district of Madhya Pradesh state.



Mahashivratri is the most awaited festival of the people of Khajuraho were the devotees of Lord Shiva remain awake on the preceding night listening to hymns and sacred texts. This festival marks the wedding of Lord Shiva with Parvathi.On this day the lingam of Kandariya Mahadeo temple is dressed as a bridegroom, with white and saffron dhotis with crown on his head. The completion of the wedding is indicated by the throwing of bel leaves and flower petals over the lingam.


A week long festival of classical dance is held featuring the best artist of the country.

It is an amazing 7 day festival set against the famous temple of Khajuraho.



The Eastern group of temples includes the Brahmanical temples known as Brahma, Amana and Javari.

There are also three Jain temples the Ghantai, Adinatha and Parsvanatha.


This is the largest Jain temple among the Eastern group which portrays a surpassing quality especially the sculptures on the northern outer wall.

This temple was originally dedicated to Adinath and latter to Parsvanath.


Near the Parsvanth temple is the temple of Adinath with fine carvings.

Inside the surrounding is a throne facing the bull emblem of Adinath.

The main feature of this temple is its extravagance adorning sculpted figures.


Ghantai Temple is a Jain Temple, famous for its ornamental depiction of 16 dreams of Mahavira's mother and a Jain goddess on a winged Garuda.


The main feature of the Brahma Temple is that its structure is made of granite stone and its shikhar is that of sandstone. The sanctum of the temple houses the image of four faced Brahma.


The most interesting characteristic of this temple is the carvings of the celestial beauties on its outer wall depicting different sensuous moods. One should never miss visiting this temple at least to admire and adorn the carved gateway and exterior sculptors.


Hanuman Temple is another remarkable specimen of Khajuraho temple architecture. It is famous for the colossal statue of Hanuman, about 8 ft high, placed in the temple.



This is the largest of all the Khajuraho temples and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This shrine houses the image of a lingam, phallic symbol associated with vigor, fertility and potency.

This temple has intricate carved features depicting in detail gods, goddesses, along with celestial maidens and lovers. The temple is noted for its entrance arch.


This temple was originally dedicated to Lord Vishnu but however now it is a Kali temple and is one of the earliest surviving shrines of the western group.

It is a granite temple where most of the sculptures are inclined toward love in sensuous postures.


Lakshamana Temple is famous for the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, along with goddess Lakshmi. What is truly remarkable here is the three-headed idol of Vishnu's incarnations, Narasimha and Varaha in the finely carved sanctum sanctorum of the temple.


Vishwanath Temple is noted for its impressive pathway with lions flaking the northern and elephants the southern steps. A three-headed image of Brahma is enshrined in Vishwanath Temple.


This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and also has an eight feet high lingam, and is outside the precincts of the Western Group


The Southern group about 4kms from Khajuraho contains the well known Duladeo and Chaturbhuj temples.


Dulah Deo Temple also popularly known as the Kunwar Math is situated towards south of the Ghantai temple is noted for its Shalbhanjika sculptures. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it enshrines a shivlingam.Dulah Deo Temple is featured with ardhamanadap, the mandapa,the maha mandapa, the antarala and the garbha griha.The temple is also featured with three band sculptures on the outer walls of which the highest band depicts the vidhyavihar.The vidhyavihar portrays images flying either carrying weapons, garlands or brandish swords. It also features images of the medieval period playing on musical instruments or in dancing positions. There are also sensuous images of the apsaras.The Ashtavasu figures are invariably depicted here with a crocodile mount in place of the usual bull, while the 'dikpalas', 'yama' and 'Nirriti' wear their raised curls in a stylised fan shape.


Chattarbhuj Temple is situated in Jatkari which is at a distance of about 3kms south of Khajuraho.This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and enshrines an image of the same which goes upto a height of about 9ft.This intricately carved temple is the only temple in Khajuraho, which lacks erotic sculptures with its architecture very closely resembling that of the Javari temple. The image of the Lord Vishnu is in the Chaturbhuja form with his upper right hand giving abhaya and the lower right hand giving boon. Similarly the upper left hand holds a lotus stalk and the lower left hand with a conch shell. This nirandhara temple built in 1100 A.D has a shikara which is plain. There are three bands of sculptures on the jangha of the temple set with images of dikhpalas, ashtavasus, nymphs and the recesses of mythical lions.


Shopping in Khajuraho mainly includes less expensive stones bronze sculptures, handicrafts and gems in the bazaar near the western group of temples. If you are lucky you can go for a reasonable buy of diamonds in Khajuraho for it has the Panna diamond mines, the largest in the country. On the way to the Javeri temples there are lot of shops for handicrafts. The Chandela Emporium near Sibsagar has a large selection of gifts, crafts and jewellery.Khajuraho is also quite famous for textile weaving. Some of the common shopping spots are Gole Market, Oswal Complex, City Center and the government emporiums.


  • Raja Cafe - opposite Western Group temple.
  • Shivam Restaurant - near the Jain temples.
  • Mediterraneo Restaurant - located on Jain temple road
  • There are restaurants attached to big hotels like Clarks, Oberoi, and Holiday Inn are always an option for fine dinning.


1.Chandela Hotel
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2.Hotel Clarks Khajuraho
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6.Hotel Greenwood
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8.Uma Club Resort
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Khajuraho has daily domestic flights to and from Agra, Varanasi and Kathmandu.


The nearest railway stations to Khajuraho are Mahoba, Satna and Jhansi. All of these are well connected to most of the major cities of India.


Khajuraho has frequent bus services and good roads to and from the major cities of India including Panna, Mahoba, Satna, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore, Agra and Jhansi.